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11 Things That Will Happen Post-Grad

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Post-Grad will be quite an interesting time in your life. You don't know what to expect as you await the infamous day but once that day is over and you've gotten that piece of paper, what's next? I still don't know what's next for me. Some people are lucky enough to graduate with job offers and set plans. If you're like me, you've been applying to jobs for months and nothing. These are 11 things I've found to be true:

  1. You will get super excited! Independence! You have just been given one of the most expensive pieces of paper. Years of school are OVER! No more classes, no more papers, and no more midterms or finals! The world is at your fingertips!

  2. You will feel completely heartbroken. It will be time to say goodbye to your friends, your home, the pizza place that was open until 3 am, the coffee shop that kept you alive during midterms, and your secret spots. 

  3. You have to start all over, AGAIN! Whether you move to a new city, move back home, or even stay near your college town you will find yourself having to adjust. 

  4. You will apply to more jobs than you can imagine. Most of them will say they are pursuing another candidate, and others won't even contact you back. At this rate you probably would've done better in acting.

  5. If you are living at home... NO MORE BILLS!  But somehow you will stillbe brokeand not sure why. Maybe you're like me and you love food. It's a mystery really. 

  6. The Limbo Stage ...and no I don't mean the fun game where you see how low you can go! The stage of uncertainty, when you don't know where you'll be going, who will offer you a job, when you might get a job. You've put it all out there and now it's just a waiting game.

  7. Distance will be the true test! Of friendship that is. Some friends will drop like flies because let's be honest, we scroll through social media until no end but when it comes to conversations, our phones simply seem to be silent at times. BUT there will be those friends that still text you everyday, tag you in memes, and FaceTime you just to say they miss you.

  8. INSTA-GRANDMA STATUS! Well not for all of us, some of you the party may continue. If you're like me, you'll be in bed by 10 pm and cringing at the thought of going out until 1 am. 

  9. Vicariously living through your friends. You will probably leave a good handful of friends still awaiting their graduation. So naturally, you log onto snapchat or instagram and see all the fun shenanigans your friends are getting into. 

  10. Reliving old memories.  You'll laugh, you'll miss it, but you'll also feel embarrassed. Looking at old videos and pictures... was that actually you? Did you really do that? Did your friends do that? And you have it all on camera? It'll make you feel a little better about where you are in life.

  11. YOU HAVE TIME! If you are unemployed like I am after college, you have time. ENJOY IT! Find new hobbies, practice a skill you have always wanted to master and adventure to new places. Don't sit around depressed because you don't have a job. Be proactiveand live your days to the fullest... on a budget of course.

Until Next Time,

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