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14 Date Ideas For Valentines Day

Today is the day, Valentines Day, and I bet some of you still don't know what to do!

Sometimes it can be hard to find new ideas, or new places, or even things that are in your budget. Dates don't always have to be expensive nor do they need to be massive! Yes, usually these things require a plan and a little extra thought - but that is what love is all about. Thinking of the other, knowing what they like, and understanding what makes them happy. If you do all three, you'll score every time!

Here are my 14 Date Ideas for Valentine's Day:

Play Hooky

You heard me- take the day off whether you play "sick" or take a PTO day. For all my old lady souls- spend the day doing things together instead of a night out. Be creative and think of doing something out of the ordinary and different from your typical dinner date.

Couples Paintings!

This is a personal favorite date idea of mine. Book a class at Pinot's Palette, or any other wine and paint places near you. Usually they have theme'd classes to match the time of year so it will most likely have to do with love.

Get your drink on, get your paint on and find a spot in your home to show off and remember this date.

Go Dancing!

You can take this any way you want- whether you decide to go out to a bar you know has music or going to a place that is meant to make you dance (Swing 46 is awesome!). Let loose and get close with dancing the night away. You don't always need to speak about how much you lover each other, but say it with your moves!

AN evening of games

What's better than mixing drinks and games? Head to your closest barcade and challenge each other to all the games you can find. You'll definitely enjoy yourselves and it's not always that expensive- at least not for the lightweights out there that only need a drink or two.

Find A Speakeasy

There are tons of places to find that will throw you back to the prohibition era. For those of you who want to get a little dressed up and enjoy the atmosphere of the bar, find something a little different than the pub down the street.

Weekend Away

If you're feeling really adventurous, head to the snowy mountains or a beach getaway. Whether it is a bed and breakfast or a cozy air bnb- take the weekend and spend it together doing something out of the ordinary and seeing a new place.


Couples messages? I think so! What better way to relax and destress than spending a day at the spa. Hit the saunas, enjoy the pools, and give yourselves the royal treatment this year. Sometimes that is much needed and will be well worth it.

Movie Night

For those of you that want to keep it low-key, a movie night is the best way to go. Make it a date by going a little further and putting together a whole movie date basket filled with their favorite candy, popcorn, and a few movie options ready to go. Snuggle up with a big blanket and enjoy your night in together.


If you live in a warm place this time of year, I am so jealous! Take this opportunity to put together a few of yours & your partners favorite foods and drinks (maybe some champagne if that's your thing), a cozy blanket, and head to a park or a beach near you! Quality time outdoors with no distractions is one of the best dates to really enjoy each other's company.

candlelit dinner made by you

If you're half decent at cooking, shake things up and instead of going out- transform your home into the most romantic restaurant of them all and cook up the sexiest dinner you can think of. Not only is this one of the most intimate settings you can have, but you have all the creative freedom to decorate & create the atmosphere you want.


Now if you know your partner LOVES to be spoiled, here's your excuse to do a little extra. Make their favorite breakfast, get their favorite flowers, take them shopping for something they LOVE, buy them a new outfit for your rocking date you have lined up for tonight. Truly make it a day about them. (For the boujee type, definitely!)


If you both are the music loving type or you know your partner is, see if one of their favorite bands are magically playing tonight. If not, head over to a bar you know has a great live band or DJ (depending on their thing) and spend the evening enjoying most likely cover songs from the 90s, singing along, and even dancing.


If your partner enjoys actually doing something or going on an adventure, make this day the ULTIMATE adventure. Whether you go hiking, snowboarding/skiing, ice skating, or anything else you can think of- spend your day making memories doing something you love to do.


If your partner loves to learn new things, try taking a class of sorts. Whether it is a cooking class, dance class, or a mixology class- enjoy learning something new you can do together.


I hope I gave you some great date ideas for today or the future! May your day be filled with love, adventure, and making memories to last a lifetime. Although this Hallmark holiday is so controversial, I still LOVE the idea of having a day to really go all out. That doesn't mean every day isn't filled with loving one another or that this should be your excuse to only go on a date once a year.

This day is a reminder to love always, love hard, and appreciate the ones in your life.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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