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It's that time when the year is at it's end and we welcome in the next. Filled with hope, goals, dreams, and curiosity to what the next 12 months might bring. Not only is it the end of the year, but it's the end of the decade which is a fun twist this year.

I have to say looking back at 2019 there were so many ups & downs, good & bad memories, and a world of changes. I got my start in the media industry, accepted an offer for a higher position, moved out with my boyfriend, traveled a little bit, went snowboarding for the first time, found out I had another sister my whole life, and a handful of other things. This year was nothing like I expected or could have imagined.

There is so much to learn in a year - life will teach you in ways you will never imagine. Good and bad, there is so much you need to learn and each year will bring you new lessons. Whether you learn through set backs or new opportunities - each part of it is meant to bring you somewhere specific in life.

Now with all that said, I know I have learned so much this year. I'll be taking it with me for future Jess and hoping it makes a difference in the new year.

The typical blogger thing to do would be to share what I want to accomplish this year & what my goals might be. BUT! Instead I'm going to share with you 19 Things I Learned in 2019.

1. timing is everything.

What you wish and work for will happen when it's meant to. You always wonder why you didn't get that job or why life isn't going how you want it too until something good happens. When it does - you finally understand why nothing else has come through.

2. change is inevitable.

You will change as a person so many times in your life. Sometimes the change is small and sometimes you learn lessons & life impacts who you are entirely. Accept the changes when it is for the better - BUT realize when it isn't.

3. work hard and it will be noticed.

Put in the effort and stay away from the mentality that it is just a paycheck. When you push to be better at your job, your boss' will notice. Your coworkers will see how great of an asset you are and will make sure you know.

4. try new things.

It isn't too hard to make sure you try at least one new thing in a year. My big thing I did this year was go snowboarding! I had never been before and now I want to make it a yearly trip and to become better (I was terrible the first time around).

5. cherish your family & spend time with them.

Family is so important and sometimes you miss out until it's too late. I've definitely learned the importance of cherishing family this year. I lost two AMAZING people that I wish I could have gotten to know better and spent more time with. Quit making excuses for family events and find time for a phone call.

6. take time for yourself.

I always struggle with this one. Find ways to relax and unwind from life. Whether it is alone time or a spa day with the girls, you need a way to destress from the world around us.

7. Love is not easy nor is it perfect.

This has been the biggest lesson this year. I've never been in a relationship where I truly understood what being in love meant. You have to work every day and know that not every moment will be sunshine and rainbows. It's who you can go through the storms with and the one you wouldn't want to be anywhere else but by their side.

8. be kind.

kindness is something the world lacks. It is something we all have the power to change.

9. friendships and flowers are very similar.

Flowers need to be watered constantly or else they will die. Some flowers can go longer and some need it more frequently. The same thing goes with friendships, you have to water your relationship to keep it alive.

10. distance will never damage true friendships.

Life will take you to new (or old) places and cause you to have distance between friends. You might not be able to go over every day anymore or even see them for months. However, some friendships are so strong that you can pick up where you left off and when you need them they are always there.

11. grow your relationship.

Relationships will not grow by themselves. You need to take the steps to grow them! This past year I took a huge step & live with my boyfriend now. It has been the best thing for us to know and understand how we both live and how we live together.

12. Embrace new opportunities.

Doors will open and you have to be willing to take that step. It may require change or it may scare you - but in the end, new opportunities only bring you new experiences and push you to be better.

13. heart break isn't necessarily the end.

I've seen so much heart break this year, through friends and what not. I never thought love could be so hurtful. But I have also seen what it looks like to try and rebuild a relationship from heartache. Sometimes it may work, and sometimes it might not. It will always show you what the right choice is though and show you what is meant to be.

14. don't lose sight of what you love.

It is so easy to get caught up in life and work. Often we tend to put our hobbies and what we love on the back burner until we never do it anymore. Losing sight of what makes you happy and what you are passionate about will effect every part of you.

15. work shouldn't consume you. live.

I've learned this one quite recently. My new job has me there past business hours EVERY day. It makes me miss my train and I don't typically get home until 8pm now, which is why I moved because I was so tired of living that life. I'm still figuring this one out but to me, it's not worth it.

16. pray more.

Don't forget to pray. When you're in moments of happiness, sadness, heartache, anger - PRAY! I found this year that when I get so busy with work and life, I get tired and I don't pray a often as I'd like. When I get to this realization or if I get to a point I'm just exhausted, I pray and remember how important it is to have that burden taken away or have that peace in your heart.

17. working out has a bigger effect on you than you realize.

This is another monumental lesson I've learned this year. I've never found it hard to find time or energy to go to the gym. With working in the city, especially now, I never get to go and give myself every excuse not to. What I've found is that not just my body has seen changes, but mentally it has taken a toll on how I feel and how much energy I have.

18. have fun & smile.

Try and find ways to have fun and let go! The weeks go by so fast and we get sucked into just watching Netflix and going to bed. Make time to have fun and be around people or things that bring you happiness.

19. life is unexpected.

You truly never know what life will throw at you. 2019 has proven that to me time after time. So much has happened that I never would have thought and a lot of it has changed my life in different ways.

I hope you all take on 2020 with a different mentality than ever before. The only way to see change in your life, is to change it! Learn from the past and bring it the present.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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