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5 things I love about snow days!

Winter is a rough season for me. I'm not a big fan of the cold, UNLESS there is snow. That is my only exception to having any type of good feeling towards the winter. If you're like me, the cold makes you unmotivated, lazy, a tad depressed, and never wanting to leave your bed. There is a significant difference in my productivity in the winter and the spring. The fact that it gets dark by about 5pm is just another con on my list, I LOVE the sunlight and the long lasting days.

NOW, I will say a few good things about the winter. You get to layer up and add much more style to your wardrobe. There are things you can only do in the winter, like snowboarding and skiing! AND OF COURSE, there is SNOW!!!

Here are my 5 Things I Love About Snow Days:

It Looks Like A Winter Wonderland

What is more beautiful than fresh untouched snow? When everything from the trees to the rooftops to the streets are covered in white, it gives off a bright warm feeling even though it is so cold.


Snow days mean unlimited hot chocolate! Don't forget the tiny marshmallows. You need every bit of warmth you can get on the cold snowy days. It's pretty much happiness in a cup.

You Can Stay In Bed ALL DAY

For some people, especially the lazy ones, you get a free pass to staying in bed ALL day. No judgements either because everyone is doing it! Staying cozy under your warm fuzzy blankets, cuddled up in your favorite pajamas - sounds like a perfect day to me.

Movie Marathon

FINALLY, you can catch up on your favorite show - binge watch the new series you haven't gotten to - or watch as many Romantic Comedies as you can. The day is yours and you will most likely be trapped inside all day.


Start scrolling through Pinterest! DIY's, new recipes, games, anything to keep you occupied! Get creative and have fun. Have a snow day party and get stuck inside together. Make tons of yummy foods and try that new sangria recipe you've been saving.

What are some of your favorite things about snow days? Comment below!

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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