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5 Times Being Awkward Was A Good Thing

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

We all enjoy awkward moments, am I right?. Whether it's your moment or someone else's, you and everyone around will get a good laugh. I personally LIVE for awkward moments, I love them. Maybe not in that exact time but always after. When it's my moment I look back and I think 'Wow Jess.. we gotta work on a few things'. Instead of telling you the embarrassing factor of awkwardness, I wanted to tell you how being awkward can be GOOD! Why keep the negative connotation associated with awkwardness when we can appreciate the benefits, positive outcomes, and good laughs.

That time you were so awkward you got out of a terrible conversation with a stranger

We all experience it, theunwanted, unneeded, excruciatingly boringconversations with people you don't even know. Come on Bob, do I really want to hear about your 5 cats? Probably not. Lucky for you, you were born with this amazing amount of awkwardness that will politely end this conversation.

When your dance moves were so awkward everyone wanted to try

A personal favorite of mine! I always find my awkward dance moves rubbing off on my friends. Sooner or later, the move that was once the joke of the group, has caught on and everyone is doing it. Unintentionally might I add. Your friends will hate you when they find themselves busting out with your latest move.

When you awkwardly walk into the wrong place at the wrong time. Naturally, dance out.

Anyone else do this more than they'd like to admit?I dance away from conversations, out of rooms full of people, and out of third wheeling situations! Pretty much anytime I feel uncomfortable and awkward, I just dance away as if that makes it any better.

When you cross every line and boundary in a conversation for the first time with a new friend

This one is almost a necessity to any friendship. There will always be that initial moment where you cross every boundary. How you come out of that conversation is the true test. Your friendship will either end or you will bond in an unexpected way.

That time you were so awkward that guy or girl that won't stop hitting on you just walks away

Yes, sometimes people will hit on you that you don't want to and aren't interested in! If you're lucky enough, your level of awkwardness will make them leave as fast as they b-lined over to you.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Cheers to all my fellow beautifully-awkward people! Comment below and tell me some of your favorite awkward moments.

Until next time,

Your Sunflower

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