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5 Tips for Creating Content

This post is targeted at all my fellow bloggers, content creators, and all that this applies to. Creating content can be the most difficult thing at times. After a while, you will (I promise) hit a creative block. You will slow down on the content you are pushing out until you get your groove back. It is only natural that this happens, why? I don't know but I do know that you shouldn't let it stop you.

I often write when I am feeling most motivated and inspired. When I don't act on it in the moment, I lose my thoughts, I lose the purpose behind my post, and I lose most of my content. I will stare at my screen and leave a post for hours, days, even a month until I get that inspiration for the post back. Creating content is something that if you are trying to be successful and relevant you have to do continuously.

Check out my 5 tips for all my creators out there!


This can be the hardest part about blogging or creating content for your brand/company. To stay relevant and gain more viewership - you have to have new content out frequently. If you take a month break, you will see a difference. If you are pushing out content once or twice a week - every week - you are going to see growth. You need to pop up on your viewers feeds as much as you can. Not only do you need to post to your blog, but you need to share that post EVERYWHERE. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, wherever you have a presence - you should be posting to get clicks.

Pick Your Niche

If you don't know what a niche is, simply it's like categorizing yourself or your brand to a specific market. It is easier to gain a following on your content when you are targeting one audience with a certain type of content. It will make breaking into the creator scene easier for you, keeping readers and viewers when they know the content they will be seeing will relate to them. Relatable content is the best way to get a response and create engagement. Whether it connects with happy, sad, mad, loving emotions - finding that connection will make viewers more inclined to sharing your content to spark the same reaction in their family and friends.


How will someone know that this content is yours? You have to brand yourself, your service, or your product with your name. Whether you put your logo on everything, your handle on all your memes, or link back to your website - you always want to return the viewer to your page. If your content is shared to a million people, you want them to know where it came from. Branding doesn't have to be this complex process, it can be simple. Don't mistake logos for being this expensive, intricate process. Your logo should represent you and your service, even if it is as simple as your name in a nice font.

Invest in Yourself

For those of you really trying to make your content a source of revenue and a side job, or even your main job - INVEST IN IT! Buy your domain, get rid of those wix or wordpress ads. Put the money you can towards boosting your posts and creating ads. Your family and friends can share your page and your posts but it will only reach so far. Use paid ads to go beyond your immediate audience. A big following will result in better opportunities and ways to create a constant stream of revenue.

Don’t limit this advice to using money, network and collaborate with others. Join FB groups, learn the best practices across all social to get your posts out organically, set aside TIME to devote to developing your brand. Investing in yourself always means investing time and hard work.

Get Inspired

Find the places or the people that inspire your content. Often when we get stuck in a creative block it is because of lack of motivation or inspiration. When your stuck on creating content two things will happen; 1. you will put out bad content or 2. you will stop putting out content. When this happens, there is a pause in building your brand and growing. Consistent content only shows results when it is quality content. If you lack the inspiration and just put out dry or repetitive posts, people will not connect as well. You need to let your inspiration shine through your words or your pictures to capture and keep your audience's attention.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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