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7 Things All Coffee Shop Lovers Know

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

This post is for all my fellow coffee enthusiasts and coffee shop lovers. There is something about sitting down with a cup of coffee and enjoying the atmosphere. People watching, being productive, or socializing; it is always fun and relaxing. Not to mention finding a new coffee shop is one of the most exciting experiences, new people, a different ambiance, and different tasting coffee. Here are a few things you can probably agree on.

1. Small town coffee shops over chains any day

If you ask me "Starbucks or the local coffee shop", 11 times out of 10 I will go for the local places. They are all so unique and different. Not to mention supporting local businesses is something we as a community should do.

2. Coffee art amazes you every time...it's the little things

I have a goal in life to learn how to make a perfect heart on a latte. It's so interesting to me and yes, I am that person that takes a picture every time I get my coffee. It seems so simple yet so complex. I'm gonna go with it's all in the wrist but I could be wrong.

3. Every coffee shop has it's own unique atmosphere

No two small town coffee shops are the same. You may expect the "coffee shop vibe" but it is always different in some way. Everything from the decorations, the people, the cups, the tables, the music and any other small detail will come together in different ways than other coffee shops.

4. You tend to get the same thing EVERY TIME

Vanilla latte please! Anyone else get the same thing every time they go get coffee. It's not that trying something new is scary, but it just tastes so good that I always get what I know. It is a rare occasion if I get something other than my usual.

5. Artsy pics are a must

Where else would I get half of my Instagram content? Not to mention, I LOVE doing photoshoots in coffee shops. There is endless potential to some great photos.

6. You are most productive at your favorite coffee shop

My favorite coffee shop is also where I go to be productive and to get work done. Whether I am applying for jobs, working on my blog, or just looking for some inspiration.

7. You don't feel alone even when you are by yourself

There are so many people there and you tend to be so comfortable that you can sit by yourself and not feel out of place. I always go to my favorite coffee shops by myself and I LOVE IT! Put your headphones in, people watch, get inspired, and get that alone time you probably need.

Until Next Time, 

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