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9 Cons of Crushing

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

We all know the cons of having a crush all too well. It's probably one of the worst feelings because it's a waiting game of maybe they like me, maybe they don't, "did they flirt with me?", "is that a sign?", maybe I should just leave it be, what if I make a fool out of myself in front of them? There are so many different thoughts to be had about someone you're crushing on. The funny part is, you both probably don't know each other that well yet they have a huge effect on you.

SO here are a few of my cons that I notice every time I'm crushing on someone.

  1. Over thinking EVERYTHING!

We're all guilty of letting our minds over analyze everything they do or say. Let's be honest, we over think anything and everything now a days. It's natural yet horrible.

Having unrealistic expectations

I'd like to thank Romantic Comedies for this one. It sets our bar super high and our expectations unrealistic.

Comparing others to your crush

Once you have your eyes on someone, you look at all the other prospects in the shadow of that one person. No one will come close because you're blinded by their amazingness.

Daydreaming about the couple goals you will be

You know, when you zone out mid conversation or doing productive things and just imagine what a great couple you guys would be. It's like envisioning yourself in your favorite movie but then reality strikes, you awaken from said dream, and nothing.

You're not taken but you're taken

You're not technically off the market but lets be honest, it's gonna be hard to get you to say yes to any other date. Who else matters when you think you've got your eyes on the one.

Sometimes you come to find out, THEY'RE TAKEN!

Whether it's through social media or a friend, you find out they're already committed to someone and its not you.

Getting jealous over attention they give to someone else

Sometimes we can be a bit ridiculous and this is one of those times. It's easy to get jealous when you're crushing on someone and they're not talking to you.

Thinking you look good checking them out but they probably just find you creepily staring

Probably the funniest of the cons. Who hasn't had one of these awkward moments? You get caught checking them out or staring over hoping to make eye contact but really it probably is more creepy than cute.

Those crushes that friend zone you and call it game over

The worst of the cons.. the friend zone. Whether they straight up say they only like you as a friend OR they beat around it, hinting at the fact you guys are and will only be JUST FRIENDS.

I hope you all can relate to this as much as I can! On that note, HAPPY CUFFING SEASON! Comment below with your cons of crushing.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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