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Decoding 9 Common Terms Used By Women

We all know women have key phrases when they're not happy. They usually aren't more than 2-3 words but they hold much more meaning and usually some unamused, annoyed glares behind them. I am definitely guilty of using these phrases myself and even in the moment I realize that I have so much more on my mind than those two words.

Women if you're reading this, you will probably agree and understand. Men if you're reading this, you have probably been on the receiving end of this a few times. We all know when you hear one of these terms, it's not a good situation. The difference between men and women most times, men are straightforward and women tell you with their eyes and their actions. For the good communicators out there, props to you but for women like me - you usually say one of these terms and need a cool down period before communicating how you feel.


No, it's really not fine. In fact it's the furthest thing from fine and she's lying. This is usually when a woman just wants to play it off like it's okay but hopes you realize she's pissed and it's not okay.


Whatever you do, DO NOT DO IT! Whatever your lady is telling you to go ahead and do with some attitude - she's testing you. She's giving you the choice to mess up and piss her off or be good. So yes men, if you ask your girl to go do something and she's seems a little off and says go ahead - chances are she doesn't want you to do it, she's just not going to make that decision for you.


When a woman says whatever, she's really just saying 'screw you'. Saying whatever means she's done listening to whatever BS you're trying to come up with and she's not even going to argue with you.


It never means nothing, and ALWAYS means something. Usually she just doesn't want to talk about it but will have a million thoughts racing through her mind. You might have to be persistent on this one and it may result in her exploding about what's bugging her. Someone has to take the reigns on communicating, right?


Completely different from 'It's fine', FINE means she's done arguing and is just dropping it. She knows she's right and you just need to quit talking before you make it worse.


Give her space and 5 minutes because at this point she doesn't want to hear your voice and you've severely pissed her off. Don't even try and love her, she'll most likely get even more mad (totally backwards I know)


Not the time to joke and say yes. If she asks if you're joking, you did something you shouldn't have and any further jokes will not make her laugh.


You messed up and she's pissed. She is either going to be extremely quiet or go off on a rant about what you did. She may even just walk away at this point.


There are no words involved in this one. You may not even notice this at first, but the sighs will get louder. If she sighs louder than normal, she wants your attention and she has something on her mind.

I hope you enjoyed this post and either related to it or maybe you got some insight into the meaning of these phrases!

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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