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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Welcome readers and HAPPY FRIDAY!

As I'm going into an intense but FUN six weeks, I wanted to introduce you all to my thoughts on fitness and my journey.

First of all, shoutout to my friends for introducing me and taking me on as a gym buddy in college! I found a whole new love for being active and working out that I never knew. The hardest part of trying new things, is finding the motivation to continue even when you don't see many changes at the beginning. Like anything, you have to trustin the process.

The cool thing about fitness and wanting to stay active is that there are SO MANYdifferent ways to do that. Whether you enjoy sports, lifting weights, running, dancing, core training, MMA, the list goes on.

If you take one thing from this post, FIND YOUR FITNESS! Not only will being active make you feel good about yourself and appreciate your body and what you can do, it is so good mentally!

Since I moved back from College I joined Crunch fitness and decided to do a few sessions with a personal trainer. Having a trainer is great for learning the layout of the gym, learning new exercises, and getting that extra push. Since my sessions, I have pushed myself MUCH harder in the gym with and without Mark (my trainer) there. On top of my training sessions, which I have 6 weeks left of...

*drum roll*

I joined an MMA Core training class!!! I LOVE IT. I am three classes in and wow, it is such a new way of fitness for me. Needless to say, I expect to see some major progress. Lucky for you, you get to come on this journey with me! I'm going to blog about the class, the gym, my favorite exercises, gym motivation and all that good stuff.

Here's me rocking my gloves because THEY FINALY CAME IN!

I hope through my fitness journey, I can motivate some of you to see the FUN in fitness. It can be tiring and you get sore as those muscles are growing but it is so rewarding.

Until next time,

Your Sunflower

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