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Finding Yourself During A Pandemic

If there is anything this year has shown me, it is that we adapt under all circumstances. Life goes on and even if we are all struggling- we are always changing.

We have to change to our surroundings in order to keep living. This year is truly an example of that, we are living in a new normal. Some of us are working remotely, some of us rarely get out of the house, some of us are lacking social encounters, some of us are forced to go into work yet feel uncomfortable, and some of us have seen financial struggles or have been hit with family deaths that shouldn't have happened.

There have been tons of pros and cons throughout the year. One pro of this whole pandemic is the time we get back. In a way, we are seeing much more time for ourselves. Personally, it has made me realize I don't necessarily have hobbies these days. I watch too much TV, was scrolling through social media way longer than needed, and didn't do anything for myself. It got to a point that I didn't feel like I was being me. Then I started to question who I even am these days.

One of the worst feelings and thoughts that can overwhelm you is the one of not knowing who you are anymore. What do you love? What gets you excited? What motivates you? Are you happy? Or going through the motions? Are you stuck in a rut?

These thoughts weighed heavily on me during this pandemic. I felt I didn't do anything other than work. I didn't see my friends nearly ever. I didn't have much quality of life after logging off of work. I spent too much time absorbed in my phone. It made me re-evaluate that I needed to change a few things. I needed to find me again. I can tell you what I used to do and love, but I can't say I've done that consistently in the last year.

I used to find my happiness in adventures, being outside, and trying new coffee shops/cafes. I LOVED taking photos and tried to do as many photoshoots as I could. I was spontaneous. I always was with the ones I loved, doing things.The past year, I have been lazy- I rarely take photos - I rarely even blog. I've lost myself to the idea of being successful. BUT, it was in this new reality that I came to realize how life is these days and how I am. How I haven't focused on my happiness or what I enjoy.

How do you find yourself again?

The first step is realizing you've lost yourself. For me, finding myself is still a work in progress. You have to start with what you once loved. What has taken a back seat to your life that was once part of your everyday.

reignite old passions

Get back to what you once loved and start prioritizing that. Find ways to fit it into your schedule and make it a part of your life again. You might find you still love the same things! We need to find joy and a passion in doing things other than a job.

Find new hobbies

Make time to try new things. Being open to new hobbies and activities will only help you find more ways to bring yourself happiness. Maybe being home has turned you into a master chef, or an artist, or a jewelry maker. Now is the best time to dive into something you never expected to do. Try the things you always wished you could do!


You need time to yourself to think clearly. Time to realize who you are and time to think about who you want to be. Get some fresh air, use the warm weather, and get out to spend some solo adventure time to get clarity. It is often in the silence you get the most answers.

I can't stress this enough, to find yourself you need to make the time. You need to align your priorities and find the space away from work and responsibilities for fun and passion projects. Often we put ourselves last and we put the wrong things first. Start to change your mindset, take breaks from work, get up and get out of the house. Don't let this new COVID culture take away things that you love and use it instead to find things you love.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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