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Girl's Guide To The Gym

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

Going to the gym can be intimidating sometimes. It can get awkward and you can feel lost, trust me I know. I still remember my first time going into a gym and I was probably there for about 15 minutes until I didn't know what to do and left. With that being said, here is my guide to the gym.


Don't second guess walking through that door. The gym is just as much for you as anyone else. We all start at different points in our fitness journeys and there's no reason to feel insecure. Be confident in yourself and your workouts and if you're not sure about something, that's why gyms have employees so ask away!

Work on Yourself, FOR Yourself, BY Yourself

Work out for the right intentions! When you are working out for someone else or for the wrong reasons, you won't feel as good and it won't be as fun. Workout FOR YOURSELF, to better YOURSELF, and to be the BEST version of yourself you can. That is when you'll enjoy the sweat, hard work, and challenge. Deciding to workout for yourself is also when you'll become dedicated and determined.

Fake It Till You Make It

These words hold true in every way. There is nothing wrong with carrying yourself like you are the best. I have been working out for a while and still don't know everything, or what machines are called. Just because you don't know the little details doesn't mean your workouts are wrong.

Make Gym Friends

Gym friends are the best friends!! Find someone to work out with, whether you do your own thing or actually workout together. It's nice to have people to say hi to at the gym and to help you out.

Make Up Fun Names For Your Exercises

This is a favorite of mine. Like I said previously, I still don't know the names of exercises or the machines so I have fun with it. I usually make up some odd name or describe it to people using hand motions and explaining it like "you do this with the thing and the other thing".

Write Said Fun Named Exercises Down

Having a plan is the best way to keep focused and not feel lost in the gym. Especially when you're just beginning. Don't forget to give yourself a few extra options in case the gym is crowded. This will make for a much better, more organized work out.

Challenge Yourself

Always challenge yourself to be better and to get stronger. Don't just get by, or do the bare minimum. Be THAT girl, that people look at and admire in the gym. The one who actually lifts, actually gets sweaty, and is determined.

DON'T CARE About Anyone Else in the Gym or What They Think

Don't pay attention to the person next to you, across the gym from you, or even that hot guy who might be checking you out. DO YOUR THING, you're at the gym for a reason don't let anyone distract you from your goals.

Make a Fire Playlist and Keep it Loud!

Music is a game CHANGER. Get you a good playlist and zone out. Turn it up loud because then there are no distractions. Your focusis on one thing, yourself.


Fun and fitness in the same sentence?! YES! There is a fun in fitness, FIND IT. You don't have to just lift weights to workout. Get involved in classes, try new workouts, and don't take it too seriously. Personally, I dance around the gym; whether it is in between sets, or mid exercise. Be YOURSELF even at the gym.

I hope you all enjoyed my Girl's Guide to the Gym! DON'T FORGET, always empower each other, encourage and challenge each other. Most importantly don't overthink the gym, just go and do your thing and work on yourself. Let out your stress, learn to love yourself, and have fun with it!!! 

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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