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So I've got a little life update and just want to talk about how goals are SO ACHIEVABLE. For any of you who don't know, this past February I got my first entry level job in the media industry. Excited was an understatement! But with every entry level position comes minimal money and the least amount of responsibility.

After some digging about how long people are in this role for, I made a goal for myself. I told myself and everyone else, 1 year. In 1 year - I will get promoted because I'm tired of being broke AF and I want to climb this ladder to success. Now mix hard work, ambition, and a pinch of passion - it will go a long way I promise.

So without dragging this into a super long post, I recently accepted an offer at a different media agency for a higher position.. oh and did I mention it only took me 10 MONTHS! Yes, your girl beat her goal. Not even a month ago, I was counting down till I could sit with my manager & director to see if there was a promotion for me here at this agency. I can't say that this is all due to hard work, because this door opened out of nowhere and I have to thank the big guy upstairs (God) for this. I might have put the work in to get ready, but it was all in his plan to prepare me to take this next step even sooner than anticipated.

Now my posts never just have a story but they have a little secret to how I do things. Naturally, I'm going to give you my secrets to achieving your goals! The answers we all want, I know.


You can't achieve what you don't strive for. You have to have an end destination to know whether the road you're walking is getting you there. It's not always easy to sit down and think what is my next step? Or better yet, what are small objectives to get me to my larger goal? How can you better yourself and prepare for your end destination. I recommend sitting down & deciding where you want to end up. Once you have an end destination, think of how you can get there. What is in the way and challenging you, what do you need to accomplish to be ready for it?


Don't sit back, reach and push to be challenged. Where there is a challenge, you will learn far more than dealing with what you are comfortable with. If you don't know how to do something, don't pass on it. Accept it and conquer it. It's okay to get help but if you don't challenge yourself you will never get where you want.


Once you are done with college, you think it's over. No more classes, no more learning. You are so WRONG! Learn everyday. Take a class if it's offered, learn from those higher up, watch videos on how other parts of your business work. There are so many things to be learned everyday & the more you know - the more you'll grow. You'll see the ones that ask questions and have a desire to learn what they don't yet know - will be the ones to keep moving up the ladder faster than anyone else.

Those are just three things among a million to keep in mind. Having a goal gives you something to accomplish. Never stop working hard and never stop imagining the life you want to create.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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