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Updated: Apr 11, 2020

So this is a wild post guys, get ready! I was living a Christmas movie this past holiday and it's all so surreal but so exciting. If you can't guess by the title- I found out I had a sister my whole life, we never knew we had.

Family is one of the biggest things in my life and I fully believe that it is something to be treasured. I value the time I spend with my family and truly try my best to keep in touch. I grew up with 2 sisters and 1 brother and quite a few bonus siblings (that's a story for another day) ALL whom I love so much. SO when I got the news, I will admit I had to process. Situations like this just seem unreal.

Here's how I found out...

My sisters were texting me at work saying how my dad had some news to share and wanted us all together. Naturally- they were getting nervous and brainstorming what could be so important. Being that I am way too impatient - with a little nudge, or a lot, I went directly to the source and did what all kids do. Kept asking until he inevitably give in and told me.

AND I QUOTE: "you're not the middle child anymore"

At first, I thought he was having a baby! I had no idea what to think and like I said, these situations just seem unreal and you never imagine that you would ever be living out something like this. Being at work, I made the worst decision and immediately went to a conference room and called him. He explained to me what happened and the situation and how we have a sister we have never met! I didn't know how to react necessarily but I knew part of me was excited.

I will say it was such a shock and something I never imagined I would experience in my lifetime. I went back to my desk a little shaky and just so lost in my mind processing what my dad had just told me. That being said, I found out little details about my new big sister and told him to give her my number ASAP. If you know anything about me, you know that I am such a welcoming person and I love just meeting new people in general. For me to find out I have a new sister, I wanted to connect right away and learn everything about her.

What now?

The timing of this couldn't be any more like a hallmark movie- CHRISTMAS!

My dad lives in Florida while the rest of us are up in NJ. He was already planning his trip up to visit us and now we knew that this trip held more than the usual holiday visit. My sisters and I found out a few days before he was arriving that this trip now included meeting our new sister, if that is something we wanted.

Christmas Day has always been spent with my mom since my parents split. That being said, my Dad was just going to spend Christmas morning by himself, until they made plans to meet.


And like that, my Dad met his daughter on Christmas morning for the first time! Not only did we get blessed with another sister, but I came to find out that I have a new niece & nephew!!

My sister and I chatted all week, getting to know each other and finding out how we were similar and how we were different. Hearing little bits of the lives we all lived growing up. Naturally, adding her into our sibling group chat!

The biggest shock: Finding out we grew up 1 TOWN AWAY! We were so close our entire lives and never got the chance to know each other.

Now I fully believe life works out as it should for whatever reason. Do we ever find out why? Not always, but we can assume that the life we lived could have been extremely different. I don't know what it would have been like if we grew up knowing her, or even if my father found out 30 years ago. Would my siblings and I have ever been born? It's crazy to think of how life could be so different! We missed out on so much time we wish we could get back, but we still have so much time ahead of us to catch up.

Back to how we met!

We all planned on meeting for dinner that Friday evening. Everyone met at my apartment, and funny enough they all got there before I did. My boyfriend, his mom, his daughter, and I walked into a FULL house of munchkins and my new sister! You can imagine meeting someone for the first time in a smaller apartment with so many people. We had both my sisters, my nephew, his father, our dad, my new sister, and her two kids! (Fun fact: we have a huge family so for us this is normal!).

I'm not surprised our meeting was as hectic and overwhelming but once we all headed to the restaurant it got a bit more organized and we all enjoyed a great dinner! We chatted as best we all could for sitting at a table of about 12.

Since Then...

We talk all the time and are still learning more about each other every week. We've learned we both love to dance! We talk about our relationships, we talk about life, and are always checking in on each other. We have play dates with all the kids and talk about places and things we all want to go do! The rest of our family has been slowly meeting my sister and her kids and I can't wait to see how they stay a part of this family.

I now have another sister to vent/confide in, another sister to experience life with, and another sister to hopefully get through future family holidays/events! If this isn't one of the biggest blessings- I don't know what it.


Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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