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Kora Fitness Review

I wanted to write a review about one of my favorite fitness brands! I came across them a few months ago on Instagram and decided to look a little further cause they caught my attention.

First I'll say that I love supporting smaller brands because it can be a competitive industry. When you go to buy new workout clothes, often you just go to the nearest Nike, Adidas, or maybe Under Armour. HOWEVER, small brands are starting to rise through amazing social media marketing.

Kora fitness first of all, has an incredible message behind them. They stand by - to be your best in and outside of the gym. I think that is something we all should strive to do. They promote this lifestyle through themselves and their influencers and spread positivity.

Kora fitness GIVES BACK! This is what really drew me in. Yes, their clothes can be as pricy as Nike BUT a percentage of each purchase goes toward a charity of your choice. They support 4 causes which are represented by 4 dots on every piece of clothing. Water, Hunger, Sex Trafficking, and Mental Health. Depending on the time of year, these change as well. They added in Breast Cancer during October, and are currently raising money for families in need for Christmas.

Kora fitness has amazing clothes. Not only do they look good on but they feel good. They are comfortable and fit just right. I actually ran a Mountain Series Spartan Race in my Kora clothes. I love working out in them and I love their style. Now, remember they are still new which means they don't have pages and pages of options. What they do have though is more than enough and definitely will catch your eye!

With that all being said, I decided to apply and become a brand ambassador because I LOVE everything they stand for and love representing quality products from a quality company. I recommend looking into their stuff and supporting this company in their continuing growth. If you guys check out some of their stuff -> USE my discount code for money off ITSJESS15


Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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