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Life In Florida

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Life in the sunshine state is everything you can imagine and more. I took my opportunity to move to FL when I went to college and it was the best decision I ever made. Unfortunately I am back in New Jersey and missing the warm sunny days, but every stage in life has purpose and comes to an end.

Living in Florida means sunny, warm days with a raging rain storm mid day for no reason at all. Boat days with your friends, getting sunburnt in November, and living where people vacation. Now that doesn't mean everyday is perfect, but the saying "there is something perfect in everyday" holds weight in FL.

I was fortunate enough to live in the cutest, oldest city. St. Augustine, FL: where the streets are mostly filled with tourists, and when they're not - it is ghost town. There are cute boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops within walking distance. You can stroll along the water and sit at the fort, or drive 7 minutes and be on the beach.

That being said, check out my life in Florida video I threw together with my GoPro!

Who wouldn't smile all the time living in such a place. I would definitely move back there someday and in the meantime I try and take as many trips as I can. It is true when they say it is much slower down South; I found a patienceI never had, I found that stress isunneededand unnecessarily createdby ourselves, and I realized that you need to step back from the fast, non-stop lifestyle and relax. There is a beauty in the simplicity in life and it is choice what you make time for. Florida will always be a happy place I call home.

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