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Music Makes Us Transparent

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Music is so powerful in many different ways. There is music for every occasion, every feeling, it can trigger a moment in time and take you back to a specific place. It can make you reminisce on a relationship; good or bad. Music can change your mood or fuel your mood. You can feel the exact emotion the artist is portraying in a song and relate to the story being told.

I listen to music at every moment I can throughout my day. Old songs, new songs, exploring different genres. BUT there is a funny truth to music that we all can agree upon. Music makes you vulnerable and emotionally transparent, it reflects what you're feeling or what you're going through. Someone could easily look at the last 5 songs you've listened to and know what you're feeling (For the most part).

I often listen to music that matches my mood. It's probably not good for those sad, heartbroken, or angry times because it amplifies your mood BUT it makes you feelso much more intensely. It comforts you while taking you back in time. The lyrics can be so meaningful and often when you can't find the words to say or describe how you feel, a song can. There are so many times I will send my friend a song or vice versa, and it'll either relate to my situation or theirs. We'll send the Spotify link and say 'listen NOW, these lyrics are for you'. That speaks so much to the power of music and the relatable aspect that connects us to songs.

How many songs do you relate to in a whole new way because the lyrics give you the words you could never find? Or the words you could never admit to? It doesn't have to be about some sad situation or time in your life either. It could be about a new love, a new life you're building, success, anything. You can scroll through playlists for the mood you're in. Thousands of songs are within the click of a button.

It is easy to brush past the reality of the effect music has. Just as it matches our emotions, it can change how we're feeling entirely. It is an easy out to the feelings you want to bypass. Music is so simple yet so complex.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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