• Jessica


Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Where do I even begin!? If you live in Northern Jersey or even NYC, you've probably heard the name Sojo Spa. It opened at least 1-2 years ago and has been what everyone seems to be raving about. Between the location and all that this spa has to offer, I can tell you it does not disappoint!

Now I've been a few times since it has opened, for lady spa days and even romantic spa dates with my boo. Every time has been just as good as the first. For starters, the location is in one of my favorite places- on the water in Edgewater, NJ. This means the views are incredible and you can enjoy the city from a less overwhelming and appreciative place. You may never want to step a foot into the Hudson River BUT it makes for beautiful scenery.

Aside from the views, when you arrive- ladies and men split up and head to the locker rooms where you get a white robe for the day! Lounge wear at it's finest if you ask me. From there the day is yours and I DO recommend spending an entire day. Get your money's worth out of your spa day and really enjoy all the amenities here. I tend to spend at least 4 hours at Sojo when I go. Speaking of money- I definitely would say to go on a week day when there is less people and it is cheaper. In the off season, it is only $50 to get into Sojo.

What does $50/$75 get me?

Glad you asked! To enter Sojo you pay a fee that includes all of the saunas and the pools. Now it may seem like not that much- trust me it seems so small. BUT let me tell you that $50 can make for a whole day. There are multiple saunas to hop from that are all beneficial to different parts of your body. You have both hot saunas at different temperatures, as well as, an ice room (which feels AMAZING!). Aside from these many saunas, you have about 5-6 co-ed pools that you can enjoy and then a few in the bath house that is off of the locker room. Each of these pools also aimed at different things. You have the pool that includes jets for all different body parts and a heated section in the middle to relax. Then you have a few pools that are good for the body by the type of water they hold.

In each of the bath houses holds two saunas, a cold plunge, and about 3-4 more soaking pools to relax in at different temperatures. These are sectioned off by gender which is perfect to also get some solo relaxation time apart from your date.

Let's not forget about the most famous pool of them all though! Included in this $50 is the infamous and instagramable infinity pool. Yes, this is open all year round and is magical in the winter. If you're lucky enough to catch a snowfall from this pool while overlooking the city- then you're day is just that much better! The infinity pool is one of my favorite parts of Sojo- it is heated and perfect for relaxing.

Last but not least, also included are all the lounge sections of the spa where you can relax or nap. Yes, I said nap- after lunch you're gonna want it. You can choose from heated stone beds or lounge chairs that you can recline.

What You Need To Know

  • Bring a bathing suit!

  • No shoes, no problem (unless you got stinky feet, give em a clean!)

  • The food is pretty great, count on staying for lunch

  • Budget some extra money to get the full experience and treat yourself to a massage or treatment of your choice.

  • Personally* I start at a lower temperature sauna and work my way up.

My day at Sojo usually goes like this: Sauna, Pool, Lunch, Nap, Repeat!

3 MUST try's

Himalayan Salt Sauna

This is my favorite sauna. It is made to detoxify your body and is at a lower temperature compared to some of the other saunas. It is said to purify the air and refresh your body's energy. Definitely give this one a try!

Korean body scrub

Now, I haven't personally done this one yet but I have heard this treatment is amazing! It is said to exfoliate and improve circulation. This treatment is extra $$ but it is said to be worth it.


I am a fan of a facial anywhere! Relax, unwind, and hydrate your skin. It is an additional cost but one of my favorite treatments.


I hope you guys enjoyed my review and have a better idea of what Sojo is like.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower