• Jessica


As you get older, you start to find that going out every night is not as fun as it used to be. You quickly realize- spending nights in can actually be more satisfying and relaxing while being JUST AS FUN! Especially with the change of times lately, we all have been forced to embrace these Friday nights in.

Personally, I find it so much better to wake up on the weekend and enjoy my day instead of being hungover or exhausted. This doesn't mean I'm not a fan of going out because your girl LOVES to go dancing. I just also value when your body needs rest, or you want to spend the night elsewhere. It took me a while to come to this realization because like most people when I was in college, I went out every night I could. When you're in that stage of life, why not? You don't really have responsibilities and it seems to be what everyone else does.

Now I've turned into what some may call a "grandma" at the young age of 24. It's not that I don't enjoy going out anymore, but often times after a long week you weigh whether it is worth it or you could use some r&r. You also come to understand that there are a ton of other things that you can do then to go to the bar, get drunk, and waste all your money that you probably don't have. You also come to find if you're a grandma like me, when the clock strikes 1 am...you start to get a bit cranky. I've come to find out that boozy brunches and 7pm drinks are the way to go!

Like all my posts I like to keep the trend of giving you ideas that relate to the topic. SO like anything else - I'm going to give you a few things to do on a Friday night that can be just as fun and done AT HOME!

Game Night

Whether you invite a few friends over, do it virtually, or have a date night- This is the perfect way to have some fun! You can download apps like Psych! where you can play virtually with all your friends and family. You can order a new game on amazon and have people over if you're not too worried about the rona.

Movie Night

Maybe there is a movie that just came out that you want to rent, an oldie that you can watch a million times, or a series that you want to go through. This is the perfect way to relax, snuggle up with your love, or put on your favorite chick flick with the ladies. Make sure to pick up your favorite movie snacks!

Wine Night!

Where are my wine lovers at! Break out your favorite bottle OR make some sangria. Enjoy a glass or bottle of wine and relax. You don't always have to go out to enjoy a nice drink. I personally love having a drink or two in the comfort of my home and comfy clothes.


Fellow bloggers or entrepreneurs- use this time to plan out your next week. What content are you putting out? How many posts do you want to do? What is your social game looking like? We all need to plan it out to really make the most of our time and get the most out of our content.


What have you wanted to try? What do you love that has been sacrificed for time sake. Pick up those hobbies that you want to develop and spend your time doing. Get to it! Spend your night learning or practicing the things you love.


Maybe you're a master chef, maybe you can't cook for the life of you. Use a Friday night to try a new recipe you've wanted to make. Time can be very hard to come by on the weekdays- so use that Friday night when you don't have responsibilities the next day. Invite some friends over or family to try this new dish of yours!


Maybe dinner isn't your forte, but you LOVE baking. Find something new to try! Test your baking skills and work on making something even better than you've ever tried.


Friday nights DO NOT need to be spent with others. Unwind from your week with a relaxing night in. Get a face mask, do a hair mask, get a bath bomb and a bottle of wine. Unload all of the stress from your week so you can be in a better happier mood for the rest of the weekend.


With everything being closed, you can still enjoy virtual tours of museums and art gallery's. If that is something you used to enjoy, why not continue to do so even if it's from your home.


Online classes are being offered left and right! With the inability to actually hold in-person classes there are a lot of classes being transformed into a virtual experience that anyone and everyone can sign up for!


If the night sky is looking clear, go outside- lay out a blanket- and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful stars. Better yet! If you have a microscope, pull that bad boy out and get a close look at the constellations in view this summer.


Take this time to plan a trip! If you are fearless or have confidence we will be in a better place- take advantage of the low travel prices that are being offered right now. The travel industry has been hit hard and now is a better time than ever to plan a trip even for a few months out.


Have a DIY project you've been putting off? Well get to it! Run to the store, or order in for next Friday night. Use this time to bring out your artistic side!


Break out the video games and have a little fun. By yourself, with a friend, or challenge your boo! No matter the age, video games aren't just a man thing and aren't always super lame or complicated.

Hope you enjoyed just a few of my ideas! What is your favorite Friday Night In activity?

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower