• Jessica

My Secret To A Social Media Detox

Updated: Feb 13

Hello, I'm back!!

I decided to start off the New Year with a social media fast. 21 days with no social- sounds crazy, right?! Well it was such a great decision. I'm sure you all can relate to the fact that we find ourselves mindlessly scrolling through photos, status', memes, tik toks and then we look at the clock and we wasted hours.

We trade off putting our energy into something productive. Instead our minds go all mush and just endlessly scroll through influencers, family or friends content. As a result, you even find yourself comparing your life to others and our expectations even change into these unrealistic standards set by fake moments. I started getting to a point where I was losing my own creativity, I was looking at others content instead of focusing on my own goals, and I was becoming unmotivated to produce anything for my blog and hitting a complete creative block.

Not only were those points weighing heavily on me, but I also wondered where my time went. Out of a whole day- I felt like I had no time to do things I loved. Which is partially because of my job. Lack of time also led into distraction. The time I had focused elsewhere seemed to always incorporate me going back and forth on my phone- wasting the little time I had.

As I mentioned- social is a HUGE distraction. This fast came around through my church so I can't take full credit that this was my idea. They put out a 21 day fast to kick off 2021- they included 21 days of topics to pray for in your life and bible verses to lead you through these thoughts. Not everyone fasts for religious reasons- but this weighed heavily on me because I am distracted from spending time with the Lord and reading the bible as well as finding time for myself.

After taking all of that into consideration, I knew I needed this. What really sealed the deal for me is being so hesitant to give it up just from the thought of it. That is how you know you need to detox from something in your life!


You need to get productive!

Quit wasting your day away- if you need a sign to go and do that thing that you love, GO! Get off of your phone. Call a friend. Put energy into hobby. Create a passion project. Figure out what you love about life and figure out what you hate. Stop endlessly scrolling and living other people's lives- it's time to live your own!

You need real social interaction!

Are your relationships taking a hit? Have you spent less time with your friends, family, or even significant other? I know social media hits my relationships- instead of connecting with people I love, I sat on my butt and scrolled and liked pictures and watched endless tik toks. Stop sacrificing time spent with others- put the phone down and put effort back into your relationships. Spend quality time with those you love and get back to adventuring or living with these people by your side.

You need to reset your own thoughts!

Quit thinking you need to live up to the false standards you are creating for yourself. Looking at social all day we think- 'why isn't my life like that?' 'why isn't my relationship like that?' 'why am I not photogenic enough?' why, why, why! Stop saying WHY, start looking at your life and make your own decisions. What is YOUR vision of your life, your relationship, and your beauty. Take time to step away and get back to believing in yourself and your life. Social media is FAKE. It is never what we actually think looking from the outside in.

You need self-care!

Get your head out of the screen, give your eyes a break, and utilize that time for yourself. If you're like me you feel like you don't always have time for a face mask, or a shower wine, or a bath bomb. Realistically, if you put the phone down you will realize how much time you have back. You won't be endlessly scrolling until all hours of the night and you might even get some more rest.

You need to LIVE!

Often when we focus on our phones, we are taking away precious time to make memories and to experience life. It's not always about posting the perfect picture, or capturing the perfect picture for you social media. Sometimes it's about setting the phones down and living in your moments. When you and your significant other are out to eat- put the phones down and have conversation. When your having a family game night- put the phone down and take in all that time with each other.

I hope you take what I said to heart and give yourself a social detox. Get back to living and being you, not living for the instagram post. It's amazing what you can find time for when you cut out your endless scrolls. Family, friends, work on time, hobbies, being active. It's so refreshing to replace social media scrolling with something productive or relaxing.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower