• Jessica

My Secret To Finding Balance

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Now this post is still semi unwritten in the sense that finding balance in your life is one of the hardest things to do. I'm sitting here with 15 minutes in-between doing work for one job and getting ready to leave for another. Some may say finding the perfect balance in life is impossible, but I believe there is a way to balance everything going on. However, this "balance" is always changing as our lives change.

We are constantly changing- where we live, what job we have, the friends we make, the friends we lose, the things we do for fun, the places we go. The list goes on and as all these different points in our life change so does that balance we may have once found. Timing is everything. I can tell you in the past 3 months my schedule has changed probably 4-5 times. From working 1part-time job, to3jobs and having no life, to working only 2of those jobs and now to gaining a bigger position in one of those roles and still balancing them both. Which is also why I haven't found time to write and blog in the past few months. I don't even remember the last time I posted and I LOVE blogging, writing, and being able to be creative and share my perspective on life.

With that being said, I am in the midst of finding balance with work, my social life, and even time for myself. Now a days this isn't uncommon, most people work several jobs to afford living. However, that doesn't make the lifestyle a good one -just a necessary one. The sooner you can find that balance the easier life gets, the happier you are, the less stressed you are, and the more time you will find for the things you forgot you loved.

Here are my 7 secrets to finding the perfect balance in life!

  1. TIME MANAGEMENT Yes, you've heard everyone say it all your life. From school, to sports, to part time jobs BUT it has never been more applicable than post-grad when you hit the real world. Lay all your responsibilities out in a schedule and figure out when you have free time and what days will be harder than others. Find breaks in your schedule to make the most of your time, even if that means using that hour to take a nap!

  2. DON'T SCHEDULE ALL YOUR FREE TIME It's easy to fill in the gaps with lunches and chores and catching up with friends BUT do not schedule every minute of your free time! You need time for yourself and time to relax. Whether that means taking a nap, catching up on your favorite show, getting your nails done, or finding your way to the gym.

  3. WHAT DO YOU LOVE DOING Try not to forget the things you love that bring you happiness. Everyone has different hobbies and when we consume our lives with work - we tend to forget about the things we enjoy doing. We tend to stop making time and put it at the bottom of our priorities. BUMP IT UP, make it a priority to do something you love on your off days.

  4. BECOME A GRANDMA Or for the men out there - a grandpa! STOP staying awake all night and SLEEP! Go to bed early because when you do, you will find more energy and more time to fit in those things you love doing.Don't scroll through unnecessary posts on Facebook or Instagram! Get your booty in bed and SLEEP! It's not uncool to go to sleep at 10pm.

  5. BE SELFISH Now I am one to talk with this point because I fall into this category of people who just likes to please everyone. It's time to be selfish! Prioritize YOURSELF, take care of YOURSELF first. Don't worry about pleasing others and exhausting yourself to make a lunch date. You don't have to make every party, every outing with your friends and family - IT IS OK TO SAY NO! Stay home, relax, and stop caring about fomo!

  6. CUT OUT UNNECESSARY THINGS Think to yourself "Is this beneficial to my life and moving forward?" , "Is this worth the stress and unhappy days?" If it is not moving you forward in life and it is causing you to be unhappy and stressed more than anything, CUT IT OUT! You don't need to keep negativity in your life. Do you REALLY need that third job? Probably not. Do you REALLY need that job that you hate that makes you work overtime? Probably not, find a new one.

  7. TAKE A DAY OFF Take a day and step away from the phone, the emails, the world. Relax, take a spa trip - go to the beach - go on a hike. Get outside and let your mind reset from the week and from work and all that is going on in life.


I hope you take away a few things from this post and work to find balance in your life. It isn't easy and you can't always have a perfect day every day.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower