• Jessica


Updated: Nov 27, 2018

It's about time I told you all a secret right? My blog is called secrets of a sunflower so it only felt fitting to start with what I'm known for, my secret to happiness. For a sunflower, maybe it's the color, its beauty, its nature of being wild and free. My secret to happiness is a little different but hopefully just as much of a visual reminder to others to be happy as well. Enjoy!

#1 YOUR MINDSET. No, it is not about having a perfect life or perfect relationships. It is about choosing to see the best in things, choosing to forgive, and choosing to smile. It is the most important factor to happiness. Now don't get me wrong, I get mad and sad and frustrated and sassy but I don't let that consume me.

#2 YOUR ATMOSPHERE. We can't always choose the situations we are in, but we can choose how we live through them. Be optimistic. Be positive.Look for a silver lining or set goals to better yourself. Your atmosphere and where you are at this moment is NOT a reflection of WHO YOU ARE and where you are GOING. Find happiness in the vision you have for yourself and the progress you make.

#3 DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOUR HEART HAPPY. Find time to go to your favorite places, listen to the music you love, read a book, become a master chef, take a weekend road trip.

#4 CHURCH. FAITH. GOD. Now this post is about my secrets so yes church and the big man upstairs makes my list. Laying down all my stresses and nerves and uncertainties and replacing that with trust and faith and knowing God is on my side is a beautiful feeling. There is nothing that makes me feel more refreshed for my week then Sunday mornings. I couldn't count the amount of times I have left church feeling a fire in my heart and pure happiness.

#5 DO NOT LET ANGER CONSUME YOU. I think this one is pretty self explanatory but the most difficult. Now I specifically chose anger and not any other emotion because anger is the leader to unhappiness. My advice to you. CALM YOURSELF and look at what made you angry. Was it worth it? Probably not. Did it change anything? Definitely not. So breathe, and move on.

#6 SMILE. A smile can change a day. Not only will your smile bring you joy but it will bring joy to those around you and that fuels happiness.

#7 GET ACTIVE! Every time I walk out of the gym I feel ten times better than when I came in. Whether you go to the gym, run, play sports, it all has a positive effect on your mind and body.

#8 FORGIVENESS. Now it isn't easy to forgive people who do you wrong. Nobody is perfect. But you won't find happiness in grudges and anger but you will find happiness and peace in forgiveness and letting go.

#9 DON'T KEEP NEGATIVE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE. If they only bring you down and do not help you become a better you,than what good is that? Don't let negative people have any influence over you.

#10 BE KIND.I get a lot of happiness out of being kind to others. Funny right? How can doing things for someone else make you happy? Simple, there is happiness in making others smile. Hold a door for someone, buy someone's coffee, say hi to a stranger, compliment people more. The list can go on. It is little glimpses of kindness that are becoming a rarity.



Until next time,

Your Sunflower