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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Not only are we as adults needing to work from home or potentially being paused on work but, our kids are off school! Parents now is the time to step into your teacher shoes and become Super Mom & Super Dad (or Super Bonus Mom or Dad) and take on yet another role.

It is so easy when you have someone else teaching your children but in a time like this where schools are potentially closed the rest of the school year, this could significantly push back learning. In order to keep all the munchkins continuously growing it is now your job to step into the creative shoes that a teacher wears.

I know what you are all thinking though 'how do I find enough things to do to keep my kids learning what they need to?'.

It is definitely difficult to pick up in a place that you don't necessarily know the plan or where it was left off. Understanding how to develop a schedule and a plan is so imperative in the coming weeks and staying strong is also SO IMPORTANT! There is also an understanding of mixing fun and learning that needs to be adapted into your day.

What You Need To Know


I always say that keeping kids on a schedule is easier for them in the long run. If you change up their day to day routine, then it will be harder to adapt back to a school schedule once this lockdown has run it's course. Whether it is still waking up at the same time, or keeping lunch and snack times similar to school, to even keeping a nap time in their day to day.

Have A Plan

Create some sort of daily plan! This will make it easier on you as you go throughout the day. Instead of getting stuck and plopping your munchkins in front of a tv (it's easy BUT DO NOT DO IT) have an idea of what the day is going to entail. Set up certain activities that can take up time that will keep your kids productive and challenge their mind.

The biggest challenge during this time is- do not end up giving up and using the TV or Tablet or Phone because it is easy!


Home is known as a relaxing, comfort zone to kids. They come home from their long day and know they get to play and watch tv. To help your kids separate that mindset and be more willing to do learning activities, set up a place that is similar to school. Have them sit at the table or desk with their puzzles and books so they can really concentrate at home.


This can be hard outside of the lockdown. Stay strong, stand by your decisions especially now. Try your hardest not to cave to giving up on teaching them and working with your kids to continue challenging their brains during this time. They might cry, they may want to be lazy, and they might refuse BUT it's because they aren't used to home being a school setting.



Unlike teachers who have lesson plans and all the materials, there is a way you can do the same! Activity books are made for almost all ages and can be found at almost any store. You can get ones with words games, letters, tracing, vocabulary, or math. These are super helpful and can make it easy to learn at home. Don't want to leave your home? Check out what books amazon has--> click me!


I am a big fan of puzzles. Now is a good time to introduce puzzles to your kids if you haven't. This is a great way to have fun together but let them challenge themselves a bit and put their brains to work.


Bless leapfrog and all their technology for learning for the young ones. Personally the LeapStart is a cool tool that is interactive for kids to play with so it makes learning more fun. This is something that can definitely be used to take up some time and change up how your kids are learning. Check it out --> here!


Don't forget about their creative side, it is just as important. Whether you paint, color, tie dye, make sand art, bracelets, or any other activity to stimulate the artistic side of your kids- this is a great way to have fun! Take a break from learning without turning on the tv or electronics and create something they can be proud of.


Hobbies are something we take on as we grow up and we never stop finding new ones to try. Start now, use this time to try different skills with your kids. You can bring out the inner chef or baker in them, dabble in musical instruments, try out their green thumb and plant flowers or vegetables, or even work on playing different sports outside if you have a yard.


What better way to learn than to make explosions or create crystals. You can look up at-home science experiments with ingredients right in your kitchen or you can even buy a science experiment kit for a pretty cheap price. This brings a whole new enjoyment to learning when they can learn about how different ingredients react with each other and why while having fun.


Have a printer? Perfect, that's all you need! There are tons of websites that provide worksheets or coloring pages to occupy your kids time. The best part is that you don't even need to leave the house to get these. Click the following links to find a few:


-All Kids Network

-BeeLine Reader (Email education@BeeLineReader.com for a free account)

-Math Score

-PBS Kids

-ABC Mouse

-Math Game Time

-NASA Kids Club

I hope you enjoyed my few fun ideas to preoccupy your munchkins in this crazy time! May you all stay safe and healthy.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower