• Jessica

My Secret To Making The Most Of Your Commute

What is the one thing we all hate about working in the tri-state area?! THE COMMUTE.

I can honestly say it is hands down the worst part of my day and my quality of life would improve 110% if it wasn't so long. BUT here we are and as the Jess thing to do - I'm going to turn it into a positive. Shocking and nearly-impossible, I know.

The key to finding joy in the things you hate most, is finding ways to incorporate what you love..or at least something you like.

Now, I only came to this realization when I stopped needing control and started taking the train to work. For all you who don't know, I work in NY and live in Jersey so the commute as you can imagine (or know) is not a fun one. I hated the fact of public transportation and relying on something that you have no control over to get you home. BUT, after a few train rides I realized how much time I had just sitting there as opposed to having to watch the road and stress about the traffic around me.

SO, after not blogging for a while - I took out my work computer and started writing again! A solid 35 min can definitely inspire some writing or at least be the start of something great. So here I am, on my train ride home, writing to share how you can change your perspective on your commute and find joy in getting this time back.

Don't worry all my driver's out there that are still too stubborn to switch, I'll even brainstorm some ideas for you.

FOR ALL MY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION PEOPLE, this is your chance to take back the loss of time. To unwind or relax - or maybe even get productive!


Go out and find yourself a good book to dive into. Whether it helps you unwind or you never find time anymore, I guarantee you'll get a few chapters of reading done.


My fellow bloggers, if you're like me and never find the time to write anymore or keep up with your ideas - turn on your personal hotspot (or just pull up a word doc) and get writing! Let your creative juices flow. You might even get a little inspiration on your travels.


This one can be tricky and not for my non-social introverts. BUT, if you love talking to others - what better time than on a train or bus full of people. Yes, you may not get lucky every day but you never know who you are sitting next to.


Scroll through pinterest, find a new recipe, and make a dinner plan. Sometimes we scramble to find the ingredients or something to make when we leave it until we get home at 7/8 o'clock. Plan out your meal so the hard part is over before you even get home.


Tired of showing up to the gym not knowing what to do and struggling to figure out what to do or what to work out that day. Open your notes on your phone and jot down your workout for today. You'll be surprised how much more productive your gym time will become.


Use this time to clear your mind and think of goals. Where do you want to be in a week, in a year, or even 5 years? Maybe you want to set career goals or fitness goals but never actually write it down or take time to envision where you're headed.

As promised, these are for my people who like to drive to work.

Catch up on a podcast

Maybe you need some motivation, a good laugh, or a good thought provoking debate. Find a podcast that suits you and that interests you and listen to an episode or two.


To me, music sometimes sounds better in the car. So turn the volume up - start a new playlist, Spotify radio, or just turn on your local station and see what songs you can find that you've never heard before.


I used to be that person that hated talking on the phone in the car and questioned why someone constantly needs to talk in the car. When you're busy you start to realize relationships fade and it is hard to check in on your friends and family. Use this time to connect with the ones you love!


If this is possible, find the road less traveled home. Unwind and enjoy the sunset. Get off the highway even if it means an extra 5 minutes because I promise you - it is worth it to get out of traffic and take a deep breathe.

Now I know I didn't give you too many ideas but it's a start. You will notice when you start to find the good in things (yes, even your commute) you will be a much happier person. I know I was tired of walking in the door from work grumpy and stressed - but I changed my perspective and am trying to enjoy the worst part of my day. My job is 100% worth the commute and hopefully you feel the same.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower