• Jessica

My Secret To Not Giving Up

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

When life gets hard, people tell you just keep trying - don't get discouraged! Words don't always hold that much weight when you're feeling like you are at a low point, like nothing is going right, and like you are stuck at this point in life.

It comes down to you! You are the only person who can decide not to give up, not to get discouraged, and not to get unmotivated. Yes, people will effect how you feel and some people will give you a sense of motivation or inspiration, but they will not decide for you what your next step is. It is your decision.

You decide what you do with your day. You're stuck at a stand still in your life, how are you going to change that? What are you going to do different today? Your actions will drive your success and the changes in your life.

If you decide to be lazy and cave to being unmotivated - nothing is going to change.

If you decide to get up and be active, apply for jobs, work harder at your job, work harder at the relationships in your life, make changes in your eating habits or workout routine - you WILL see changes.

Here are a few tips to avoid giving up:

Make each moment count

You are going to have moments of laziness, moments of being unmotivated, and moments of not knowing what to do. DON'T let those define and take control of every minute in the day. Let it pass, push through and make the rest of the day count. What can you do to make today better? What can you do to make today a good day? What can you do to get one step closer to changing.

make changes

What is it that is not working? Take a look at what you have been doing and find what might not be working. Make a change to your daily routine, make a change to your work ethic, make a change in the relationships in your life - find whatever it is that is not working or holding you back, or effecting this time in your life.

take a step back

Change your perspective. Take a step back to breathe. Relax and unwind- look at your life from the outside. Find the pieces that do not fit. Sometimes when we are so caught up in just getting through the day, we put up with these things that aren't working for us. Take your day one part at a time and find what stresses you out and what isn't helping you - get rid of it. Negative people in your life that are not making you better - cut them out.