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Updated: May 28, 2020

It's currently 3 am and I am riding co-pilot on a 15 hr road trip that we decided to take YESTERDAY!

This might be the most spontaneous thing I have done in my life. We technically made the definitive answer to drive to Florida earlier today. Being that we have been locked in for about 2 months now with this pandemic, we took this long weekend as a reason to get away. Luckily for us, I have family and friends in Florida where places are starting to open up and it is a bit more lively.

That being said, here we are driving through the night. Fortunately, Kevin has no problem driving long distances so I've really only had to sit here and enjoy his company on our adventure. This is our 2nd time driving to FL, the first time being only a few months into dating. That road trip to Florida consisted of stoping in about 5 different cities along the way seeing family and friends. Incase you want to read about that, you can find it here!

The biggest misconception people can make is that a road trip needs to be this extensively planned out trip.

Yes, you should probably know your end destination and have a place to sleep at the end of it. The beauty of going away to college and making friendships with people all over is that, you have tons of people to visit. You usually will always have a place to stay. AND, you will always have a tour guide in that city. However, even if you don't have a friend in the city you're going to, that can now be booked last minute! Air bnb's are a beautiful creation that can be so easily accessible at the tip of your fingers. If you feel you need to get away and you have an opportunity to do so, why not?

Why are road trips so amazing?

Well, my favorite part of a road trip is seeing so many places. Getting a closer view as you travel through each city and state. When you fly somewhere- you sit in a seat and watch the clouds. When you drive, you see it from the ground. You get a glimpse of different places and if you stop you get to experience it even for a little bit.

One of the things I always notice is the difference in people. As you travel through states and cities you even get to see how the culture and people differ. YES, as you drive down south- PEOPLE GET NICER! It is true. Even in this time, Kevin and I walked into a gas station for a bathroom break and to fill up at about 1 AM- the man working greeted us with a smile and asked how we were. Up North, all you get at 1 AM is a dirty look and barely an exchange of words.

It is so refreshing to experience these little changes!

Here are my steps to a successful road trip.


The beauty of a road trip is that you can stop at as many places as you'd like. You can turn traveling to one place, into make tiny stops along the way and exploring different cities. One thing I would suggest is that you pick the places you want to travel to before you leave. This way you have somewhat of an idea where you'll be and where you'll need a place to stay.


The worst part of picking up and leaving is not always remembering to pack everything you need. Take 2 minutes to write out a list of everything you need! It seems silly and you think in the moment it will all come to you, but I promise an hour into the drive you will remember that one thing you forgot.


The most essential part of this is to pick out the best snacks. You don't want to keep stopping more than you need to- so it is a good idea to stop in the beginning and stock up on a few of your favorites.


Music can help make a drive more exciting. Create a playlist full of your favorite songs- new and old. You'd be surprised how much it can help you stay awake when you need a little energy boost.


Don't do it alone! Always take a friend or your significant other with you. Not only is it better to share these experiences and adventures with someone, but it will help to have someone to keep you awake and make the drive more fun.


Whether it is coffee or energy drinks, you can easily get that on the go. Get a few to give you a little energy boost when you need it.


Some trips can be done in a weekend, others in a week, and some need 2 weeks or more. Give yourself time to see the places you're traveling to. More importantly give yourself time to recover from the drive and enjoy your adventure. If you don't get enough rest, I guarantee you won't get as much out of your trip as you would have hoped.

I hope this motivates you to hop in your car and get away! As places start to reopen and life goes back to normal one day, plan a trip. Even if you make the decision the day before you go away for the weekend- do it and don't look back! The world is ours to explore and to experience, never hold back your adventurous side.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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