• Jessica


It's been a minute since I've posted! I went a bit M.I.A and I wish I had a better reason, but I don't. Sometimes we just need to get back some time and enjoy our days.

That's what I've been doing. I hit a creative block and lost a bit of motivation. I got tired from working so much and trying to find the last bit of energy to use on creating new posts and keeping up with social media. However, we all can agree stepping back from it all is one of the most refreshing things. We often need a reset and to focus on ourselves and our energy. Sometimes we need to focus on the people around us and just enjoy our life. I've been off relaxing- making it through long days at work - and taking time for myself with my loved ones.

We often find we need to make sacrifices. There is never enough time in a day to accomplish everything we want or need to while getting enough rest. You might sacrifice sleep, working out, hobbies you love, passion projects, or whatever else you have going on day to day. This happens only when we start spreading ourselves too thin and often sacrificing more of the things we need than we should. It results in stress, no energy, that lack of motivation and creativity. If I really spread myself too thin, I find myself not feeling like myself at all. I might not be as happy or smiling as much- instead it's replaced with stress, maybe disappointment, and even frustration.

Taking days for yourself, doesn't ever mean you're quitting on those sacrifices. It's just putting them on hold while you regain what you've been losing. If you get to that point it is SO IMPORTANT to get yourself back. In order to get back to you- you need to let your body get the rest it needs and find a better way to balance the things you love and the necessities of life.


Rest & relaxation

The first and most important step. You need to put things on pause and give yourself time and space to breathe and clear your mind. When you force yourself to push through, you are risking losing the creativity and energy you need for your passion projects or even just your hobbies. You need to lay back and rest. Take a nap. Go to the beach. Go for a spa day. Focus on yourself for a few days. That includes putting the phone down!!


Sometimes we get so busy we don't get to go to the places we love or even experience new places. With COVID right now, it is even more difficult. For me, my blogging is it's best when I am inspired or motivated. Often for me, places spark that creativity in me and something about putting myself in a certain atmosphere makes it easier for me and I think more clearly. Find a way to go to the places that spark that in you. Whether it is settling with outdoor seating at your favorite coffee shop or heading out to find beautiful views in nature.


Often when we are drained it is the things we love that pay the price. Take back time and focus on doing the things you love to do. When you take time to ignite yourself with passion and excitement over what you enjoy, a piece of yourself comes back. It reminds you of who you are. It is so easy to get caught in a cycle of repeated days that seem to go and go with no new excitement or fire in your heart. SET THE FIRE IN YOUR HEART!

If you find yourself in a rut, start with those 3 steps! They will definitely help you gain clarity and get back to feeling like you. Once you're back to yourself and get the rest you need, you will feel like a weight has been lifted and you'll get a breath of fresh air.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower