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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Like most of my posts, I write about something because of a life experience or spark of inspiration I get. For this one, I was inspired after taking a road trip to Florida with my boyfriend. A little secret, not only was this my first time ever traveling with a guy but this being my first ever serious relationship – I had no idea what to expect. Would we annoy each other, would we catch an attitude and argue constantly, or would everything go amazing? Now, originally I thought I was just going to fly down to visit my dad but then this trip turned into 43 hours in a car together, 5 different cities, tons of family and friends, and unforgettable memories. Some of you may be thinking “Jess, you are crazy!” and I won’t say you’re wrong because it was definitely a very long, tiring, and busy trip.

The best part was that we had only been officially dating for about 3 months so there were lots of boundaries still to be broken, sides of each other we probably hadn’t seen yet, and it was definitely a test of if we could stand being stuck with each other for so long. What better way to take a stepping stone in your relationship!? I firmly believe that traveling with your significant other can definitely make or break your relationship, but I also think it makes a relationship much stronger.

Here is my survival guide to successfully traveling with your significant other!


This is the first realization. You are going to break all the boundaries that there are in a new relationship. SO whatever you are uncomfortable with just know that it is going to happen and there is no avoiding it. My favorite is always the bathroom boundary – yes, you are going to have to take a poop at some point on this trip so accept it now.

Breaking boundaries in my opinion is a great step for a relationship. To further the bond you have between each other you have to pass that level of discomfort and nervousness. Once that is broken, you will feel much more at ease and relaxed in your relationship.


Traveling together allows you to experience every side of your significant other. You will see how they are when they are stressed, tired, excited, happy, frustrated and annoyed. You will see if they have an adventurous side, if they take the road less traveled. You will find out what annoys each other and how they handle it. You will see how they act when you disagree. You will see how you connect in new places with just the company of each other. You will see how you can handle being together for an extended amount of time and if that is something you can do again.

You should come out of a vacation loving each other more than when you left. You should love the sides you haven’t seen and the secret aspects of their personality they have been hiding.


Being that we were in a car for a total of 43 hours together, we TALKED! We talked about everything – about our lives, about the music we were listening to, about our relationship, things we wanted to do, and all that good stuff. It also brought out things we needed to talk about, things that mattered that hadn’t been mentioned, where our relationship was going, and things that bothered us.

Now for some people this is scary! I am the worst at communicating about things I feel. This trip was great for me in the aspect that we had so many opportunities to talk about anything that everything came out. We got on topics that would spark another thought. This is a great way to see how you are when you have the opportunity to talk; are you awkward? is it just silent? or do you fuel the conversation? do you keep talking about new things?

Another fun part of this, is also to realize there will be times you sit in silence with each other. It is a beautiful thing when you can sit in silence and enjoy someones company. 


Booking a trip means planning! Not everything has to be a romantic, expensive dinner. Depending on where you are going – look into all the fun you can have. KEEP IN MIND – you both may want to do different things or see different places. Be attentive to what your significant other wants to do/see. Finding the perfect balance means compromise. If you can afford three big excursions, do one for each of you and then one you both want to do. Relationships aren’t always about doing what you want to do, but about doing something that makes the other person happy. If you are taking a road trip, make sure you make time to stop in all the cities you both want to see! If you are seeing friends and family – make time to see them but have time for yourselves.


Now, there will be times that you are going to get annoyed or a little testy with each other. Be patient, take a deep breath, and remember they are being patient with you as well. You both are going to have to stay somewhere a little longer than you want to, do something you may not want to do, and find that you will get tired and grumpy after so many adventures. Try and keep it together and if you or your significant other catch an attitude, stay calm and don’t fuel the fire that is already there. If you do get in an argument, be quick to realize that it takes two to argue and one of you will have to bring the peace back. Relationships call for us to be forgiving and understanding even when you don’t want to be. Let your love outshine your anger or frustration in the little things.


I hope you all can relate to this post or take from my words a few tips for your first adventure. I definitely recommend traveling with your significant other, you will create memories together, see new places, and grow the bond that you already have.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower