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New Year, New You

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Where did 2018 go!?

Any one else feeling like they have accomplished nothing over these past 12 months? Not only did this year fly by, it was one of those years that I wanted to do so much more than I did. Life never goes according to plan and I can honestly say I envisioned a much different year. BUT, this year was also one of the best years in so many ways.

Now, in the beginning of the year I thought I was going to get a great entry level job in marketing - I thought I'd get the opportunity to move out - I thought I'd be able to save up for my own car - I thought I'd eat healthy and work out consistently.

As you can tell by me saying "I thought" obviously it didn't go according to plan. Great things are never planned though.

Instead, I started working at a gym part-time. (Definitely not what I expected) Loved it so much I am still there. I made friends there and even met a pretty amazing guy.

I definitely didn't think I would meet someone and fall in love with him so that was another completely unexpected surprise. We went on an epic road trip to Fl where we were in a car together for 43 hours and stopped in 5 different cities. We also went camping and spent the weekend just us two, spending time and not worrying about our phones or anything else.

This past year, I also took a job I thought would be much better than it was. I learned a lot from my experience but also realized it in no way made my resume any better to agencies and standing out for an entry level marketing position.

WITH THAT BEING SAID, It is now 2019! happy new year!

I thought a lot about this past year recently, and I thought a lot about my goals for 2019. There are so many things I would like to accomplish and steps in life I hope to take this year. I am determined to let this be my year and to grow more than ever before. Lucky for you, I'm gonna share some of my goals with you and keep you in the loop on my journey to accomplishing them.

Here are a few of my goals:

1. To finally land a job in Marketing!

This is the most important goal for me. I graduated over a year ago and still have had no luck. I am hoping and praying that God will open the right door for me and I will get the opportunity to get my foot in the door and start my career.

2. Blog, blog, blog

I want to blog even more and keep making content everyone can relate to. I want to gain more readers so my content will make more of a difference for people. I may not always make serious posts and I blog about tons of topics, but I want to keep relating to others and have an impact with my words. I want to start making videos and really take a step forward with my content.

3. To Travel Somewhere New

If you know me, you know I love to adventure and I believe that traveling is something everyone should do in their lifetime. It is so important to see other cultures and different parts of the world. I hope I can travel to somewhere I have never been this year.

4. Do more

I want to do more this year. I don't want to be lazy in my free time. In college, I was always proactive with my free time. I went out and explored, found a new place to go, new coffee shop to try or even just spent more time with friends. I want to get off the couch and get out into the world around me more often.

5. Photograph more

I want to take more photos and do more photoshoots. I want to get new clients and really transform my hobby into a side job. It is something I love and I definitely don't do it as much as I should.

6. Workout and be healthy

Ironically, I work in a gym but never workout these days. I get in a routine for a few days and then lose it. I want to get back to working out consistently and fueling my body with healthy foods.

7. Pray More

Not everyone has this goal or can relate, but for me it's so important in my life. Often it is so easy to forget or let other things take over your time. I want to pray more and be thankful for everything God has put in my life. We take for granted all of our blessings, big or small. I want to pray more for the people in my life and the people I love.

Now I can go on and on about things I want to see or do this year. Even things I want to change in myself, but these are the most important. Going into a new year with new goals or ambition to follow through on old goals is a must. We should all strive to be the best versions of ourselves, work to succeed, and work at the relationships in our lives.

What are some of your goals?

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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