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In Photography, most photographers specialize in a certain area. For some it's portraits, landscapes, street photography, weddings, etc.  It doesn't mean your photography stops there, but it means that is where you spend most of your time learning, practicing and perfecting. It is either what you're best at or what you want to be best at.

Portraits are a beautiful way of capturing people. You can create the most raw, natural portraits showcasing that person's natural beauty OR you can stage everything and create an image from a vision you have. You can create a different persona of the model, even if it is a seemingly impossible side of them. You can use portraits to empower others and show someone the beauty they hold.

One of my favorite parts of portraits and a reason I LOVE doing them is that they empower the model. It is one of the best feelings to take pictures of someone and show them the outcome. Usually they are surprised and shocked that they took the pictures they did. You take people out of their comfort zone and create the unexpected. You show people they can portray anything they want to.

Portraits can utilize subtle hand placement, eye contact, and positioning to produce intensity in a photo. You can put a model in a flower field but their facial expressions can paint a different picture. Portraits manipulate their surrounding by creating that focal point on the model and what they are expressing.

It is interesting to see how the area of photography that most times, has the least going on can have the most intensity. Facial expressions speak louder than a background in my opinion. We can relate and understand the emotion a model is giving. It is beautiful to see portrait series' that tell a story or tell a chapter of the model's story. Whether you are showing insecurities, confidence, abuse, or lifestyles, portraits relay a message that is more personal than other forms of photography.

I'm still a beginner, but I can't wait to grow and see how my skills develop, specifically with portraits. Here are a few of my favorites!

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