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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Progress: it is what we continue working hard for, it is what keeps us going, and it is what determines how close we are to our goals. It is one of the biggest motivational aspects of fitness because when you physically see a change or feel a change, you KNOW it is working. Your progress is determined by the work you put in.

If you only workout to get by, you're not going to see any major changes. If you push yourself and work hard, you are going to see the results. It is a timely process, but a worthwhile one.

Sometimes, we can't see our body showing the results as fast as we can feel them. Getting stronger is my favorite, you can't necessarily see it in my arms or legs - but my workouts get easier and next thing I know I'm increasing my weights. Patience and determination are key to getting results. You have to be determined and dedicated to putting in work even on those lazy days, and you have to be patient to see the results.

We also have to remember that our bodies react different from other people. Meaning, different kinds of fitness works differently for everyone. You may not see the same results as your friend, or you may see them faster or slower. It doesn't mean that you aren't progressing or that it isn't working.

For all of those who have followed me, my 6 week MMA Core Class ended 2 weeks ago. We redid our fitness test to see how much progress was made. We had 1 minute to complete each exercise and see how many we could do. I went from doing 1 real push up to 10!!! That alone is HUGE for me. I could never do push-ups, they seemed near impossible and I was never a fan. My burpees went from 9 to 14! (I died a little after that one).

Now, it isn't the biggest difference to some people but to me that is amazing. Besides feeling great and working hard, my progress was showing.

With that being said, I'M STARTING ANOTHER 6 WEEKS TODAY! When you FIND YOUR FITNESS, stick with it - keep going, and challenge yourself. There is FUN in fitness, you just need to find it.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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