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Quote of the week

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does" 

- William James

I absolutely LOVE this. it's so easy to forget that our actions have an impact, maybe not a big one but they do. To change the world we need to do something drastic, right? That's how we know we made a difference? Right?


We get so absorbed in the big picture that we don't think about everyday impacts. We forget that we can change SOMEONE'Sworld. It may not be our state, or our country, or the planet but you have power over yourself and others. You have the ability to affect the people around you, people you pass on the street,and people you don't even know. You have the ability to change yourself, your mindset, and your life.

A smilecan change a day.

An opinioncan restore someone's faith in humanity or change the way they see things.

A kind actioncan change a heart.

REMEMBER everything matters!

If you want to make a change or have an impact, realize you already do. You probably already have impacted someone. Changed their day from bad to better. Gave them hope when they needed it. Or maybe set a spark in their heart. It's the little impacts that build up and have a greater effect. They always say "be the change you want to see in the world"That is how you startmaking a difference.

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