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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

As I am still new to photography, shooting indoors is a bit scary. I don't have any fancy equipment, just me and my camera. Using all the natural light and hoping for the best with the lens I have. Now I am not usually the best at shooting indoors and it is a bit frustrating because you have less light to manipulate. I've never had a successful shoot indoors mostly for lack of trying.

I stepped out of my comfort zone the other day. My friend and I wanted to shoot at a coffee shop and dabble in our creativity. It took a bit of adjusting, making duewith the small section that wasn't crowded, and looking through a new perspective. The biggest factor was seeing this coffee shop in a new way. What stood out to me? What could I use?

I've been recently obsessed with Brandon Woelfeland I am in LOVE with all of his work. He has become a slight inspiration to me. I never really looked too much into other photographers and I just took pictures as a hobby. I went to a random place and started snapping away.

Brandon has done some work shooting through windowswhich made me so curious. Naturally, the coffee shop has an entrance with lots of windows and glass doors. The first thing I thought was 'lets give it a try' but with my own spin on it.

Here's my two favorite pics from my shoot:

This has opened my eyes to shooting indoors and the amount of fun you can have. There are so many different corners and windows and props that are at your disposable. It comes down to the photographers eye and what they envision.

I can assure you, I will be trying to step out of my beginner photographer stages and look in new perspectives. I have so many ideas that I hope will come to life and launch my photography as more than just a hobby.

The key to success/fun fact I relearn all the time: The stranger you think it will be, or the stranger you position yourself the better the photo turns out. Photography is about stepping outside of normal cookie cutter shots and being different. It's about seeing something no one else see's and showing the world something new. 

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Your Sunflower

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