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Spontaneous Adventures Are A Must

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

The word spontaneous might scare some people. I get it, you like to have a plan, an end destination, a play by play BUT sometimes the best places are found by accident. Sometimes, you need to get in your car and just go. It really is a cure to many things; boredom, nerves, anger, sadness, stress. For me, it is a favorite of mine to just drive with my music loud. You'd be surprised what you can find.

Not too long ago, I last minute decided to drive my sister back to Rhode Island for college. That's a lengthy 3 hours there and 3 hours back. As you can tell, I love her... A LOT! Now I didn't think of how dreadful traffic could be, or how long I would be sitting there. I took the opportunity for my friend and I to catch a sneak peak at the nearby and known Newport, RI. We didn't have long but it was a city I had never seen. It was the BEST decision we could have made.

We drove there, put in a random road that was supposedly in the center of downtown. As we crossed the bridge into Newport and entered into the city, I was instantly in love. The 3 hours was worth it. There were beautiful cobble stone roads filled with shops and restaurants. The water was right there and it looked like a scene out of a movie. The photographer in me was beyond excited with what I saw. We parked the car and headed on foot. With only about an hour to spare, we walked towards the water.

I without a doubt intend on returning for a longer visit. An hour in a new city is like licking a little bit of icing off the cake and not being able to have the whole thing.

Spontaneous adventures show us there are always new places to see. They give you a feeling of excitement and happiness. Whether you travel far or stay close to home, you will always find some spot you have never seen before. Whether it is a small coffee shop, a park, a view of the city you had never seen, or a charming side street that you'll fall in love with. Traveling alone gives you a sense of independence and freedom, it gives you time to think and clear your mind. Traveling with a friend creates memories, good times, laughs, and deep conversations.

So wander often, enjoy new places, and take time to see the little details in a new place

Here are a few of my fav photos from Newport

Until Next Time,

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