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The Benefits Of Traveling With Your Bestfriend

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Traveling is something most of us crave. The adventures of finding a new place, exploring streets in cities you've never been, and experiencing a culture different from your own. It gives you moments to cherish, stories to tell, and lessons that life can't always teach you.

To me, I believe everyone should travel as much as they can. Every place stays with you in some way and every place makes you realize how different the world can be. There are certain take aways from traveling that you can never experience through anything else.

NOW, Imagine experiencing all this with your best friend!Your friendship will grow, you will bond over the things you both have seen that other people in your life won't understand, and you will create memories that will last a lifetime.

let's not forget about all the inside jokes and crazy stories that stay between you - your friend - and that place. Traveling with your best friend gives you comfort in having someone to adventure with. It isn't so scary when you have someone by your side.

I recently went to Florida with my sister and best friend. We had the TIME OF OUR LIVES. Not to mention, we all want to leave New Jersey and move now. We all bonded in ways we don't get here, we have stories that only we know and we understand, we were able to share the beautiful sights and can relive our time there together.

Here is a list of my 6 favorite take aways:

You and your friend will break new boundaries

Needless to say, you are gonna get REAL close. Especially if you're sharing a room. If you haven't broken these simple boundaries, now is the time. You are going to be with each other 24/7, you are going to pee with each other in the bathroom of that bar, you are going to create one giant closet, and you are going to see sides of each other you may not have seen yet.

And You will realize if you are truly best friends

This is a great test of friendship! Can you handle being with each other all day, every day, for at least 5 days? Well if you don't know, you will surely find out every annoying part of your friend. BUT if you are best friends, you love them anyway and accept all parts of them.

Who's Justyn?

Inside jokes, alter-ego's, awkward moments, stories that stay with you guys and that place, and everything in between. You are going to be able to share things that NO ONE else will understand. You're gonna start sending each other meme's that relate to your trip or something funny that happened. THIS is one of my favorites, your friendship is your own and it is going to make it 100x better.

You will fill in each other's stories

It's so funny when you go back and talk about something that happened, you fill in the parts the other forgets. Your friend doesn't remember flirting with the hot bartender? Well that is what you're there for. For some reason it always works out that you remember each others awkward and embarrassing moments for each other.

Forget something, she probably has it

Need a cute top? Hair straightener? Strapless bra? She's probably got it! You get to work with two suitcases instead of one. The options are ENDLESS.

This is only the beginning

The BEST thing we realized, is 1 - that we're going back! 2- life is just beginning and there are so many places to travel, so many things to experience, and so many stories to be created. The world is HUGE and it is ours. Go out and see it. Experience it with someone who is family by your side.

We choose the friends that turn into family - surround yourself with ones you can create memories with. Travel with them, even if it is only a few hours away. You have a permanent adventure buddy - utilize that. There is so much to see and so many opportunities awaiting.

Fun Fact: We booked a trip back less than a week of being back home <3

If you do anything after reading this, TEXT YOUR BEST FRIEND - Go to Travelocity or some travel site - LOOK AT FLIGHTS - Pick somewhere affordable and GOOO! 

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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