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Timing Is Everything

Drum roll please...

I got a job!

Hello Corporate America, goodbye life.


One thing college doesn't teach or tell you is that finding a job post-grad is near impossible. Depending on your major of course. It took me a year and a half to finally find a full-time job in my field. I must have sent out over 200 applications since I graduated college. Finally, a recruiter called me after receiving my resume, and I went on an interview..and got rejected! But I guess they liked me enough to find me the right place within their company, 4 interviews later....I GOT HIRED! I now work with an amazing team on a high end account which is insane. I definitely have so much to learn and I could not be more excited to work on an account that I personally love.

After going through this, it was so clear to me that timing is everything. I was so impatient and every rejection definitely took a toll on me. Overtime, I would go through moments of being unmotivated, depressed about not having a job, sad I was still living at home and wanting to take a step forward but not knowing how. I thought...23 and still no full-time job how much more lame could I get? Life is constantly moving and time never stops.

I kept saying I wanted to start the new year with a job and a new start and probably prayed every night about it. That is exactly what happened, February 4th was my first day! It hasn't been easy and is a huge adjustment but I'm loving every bit of it. Finally getting my foot in the door is equally exciting and makes me so nervous.



Nothing good ever comes easy, as cliché as it sounds. Patience is key because 9 times out of 10, the job process is never quick. It takes time to find a job and a company that is a good fit for you. Keep that in mind when you start to get frustrated, take a deep breath, and keep applying.


You are most likely going to get a few no's but that's normal. Don't let it get to you. Don't let it take away your ambition and motivation. Most importantly, don't let it stop you from pursuing what you love. It's okay to be sad an opportunity didn't work out, but remember it just wasn't meant to be.


What's meant to be will be. I believe that the right job will come when it is supposed to. It's hard in the moment, but you have to remember that if something doesn't work out it's because God (yes I'm religious) has something even better in store for you. It's because that job wasn't meant for you. There is a place for you and you just have to wait for the right door to open.


Use the time you have while you have it! Once you have a job you can't travel as much, you don't always have time for people, you may not get to enjoy the little things as often. SO, take this time and travel - go on an adventure, take a girls trip with the ladies (or a bro trip!), enjoy the relationships in your life and time spent with friends and family, and enjoy the luxuries of spontaneously taking a day trip, spending time at your favorite place, getting a coffee at your favorite coffee shop, focusing on new hobbies - the list could go on! Don't get stuck in the thought that life is boring and you aren't where you are supposed to be.

Don't Compare Yourself To Others

Just because people around you or that you graduated with are settling into new jobs, doesn't mean anything. If you constantly look at other people and their successes - you will never be ok with yourself or where you are at in life. Everyone is at a different point in their life for different reasons. Stop looking at the world and getting down on yourself, instead celebrate everyone's victories and know that yours is coming! It might even be BETTER than those around you.

You may not always be happy with where you are in life, but you have to remember that there will be a time for everything. It may not be your "time" right now but it just means that you are meant to be at this place for a reason. Remember that timing is everything, and when you are upset or not okay with where you are - think about what you're doing to change that. Are you doing all that you can? If so, maybe you need to take a better look at where you are in life and find things to enjoy and find what makes you happy.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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