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We Are Too Scared To Love

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Why is it people now a days and especially among the younger generations, fear love? Is it because you're too scared to get your heart broken? Are you too scared of rejection? Are you scared that someone might love your imperfections and the beautiful mess you might be?

We often don't even say the words we want because what if it doesn't work out, right? What if we make a fool out of ourselves? It's hard to put yourself out there and hope for the best.

Now I'm not one to say I'm perfect when it comes to this department, I'm not experienced at all to be honest. Love is a scary thing, BUT it shouldn't scare us away. It shouldn't scare us into the arms of someone who doesn't want us.. That is what this generation's hook up culture is all about, am I right? We fear love so we settle for the emotionless, meaningless, boundary setting relationships. In my opinion, someone always falls harder than anticipated and it creates heartbreak anyway. However, with this heartbreak doesn't come good memories and understanding.

Not only has hook-up culture created a new perspective on modern day romance, but cheating has become a new trend. What was once completely UNACCEPTABLE has become normal. Why is it no one can stay committed? It's almost as if people want to prove they're not good enough, that they can't do relationships, that they don't want to miss out if something better comes along.

We should embrace the feeling of being scared and run with it. With fear comes great potential. We often fear the things that are best for us because it has the possibility of being so good. For some reason we let the other possibility take over; the possibility of loving someone and them not loving us the same way, the possibility of it not working out and starting all over again, the possibility of feeling like your heart has been ripped in two.

What about the possibility of growing together, the possibility ofbuilding a life together,the possibility of challenging each other, the possibility of seeing the beautyin someones imperfections, the possibility ofloving and being loved in return.

Again, I am far from perfect in this area because I get scared and nervous. Whenever there is potential of something more, my mind shuts the idea out and makes me second guess even thinking that person was cute. BUT that doesn't mean I run away from it, instead I give it time, I give it much more thought, and it's how I know I start to actually like someone (most of the time). I will admit that often I think of how crazy it is to have someone love me and to have them love my imperfections. It seems nearly impossible at times, BUT I look forward to the day someone shows me otherwise. There is something about loving someone that is so beautiful and magical. It's funny how we can think of loving someone so much with all we have but when it's flipped, it is unimaginable to have someone love us and our broken pieces or our flaws.

We shouldn't focus on love and relationships but, when it does come we shouldn't let it pass us by. There is so much to learn and experience in love. We need to learn the true meaning of commitment. We need to learn how to love someone. We need to learn that it is ok to let someone love us. So next time the possibility comes knocking on your door, don't hide and hope it just goes away. Invite it in and see how it makes your home better.

"And if you're in love, you are the lucky one" Youth | Daughter, one of my favorite songs.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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