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Updated: May 12, 2020

It's so funny to think back at the goals and dreams of your younger self. It's interesting to see how much changes and how far off your ideal life turned out to be. Even as you get older we still have not learned that what we envision for our life, never quite turns out as expected. We also learn the realities of life.

As kids, everything seems like a fantasy. You can't wait to have freedom, get a real job, get married, have your own home, and grow up. Once you're there- you realize all of the missing pieces you never knew as a kid. You learn everything you're sheltered from and the life lessons that come with age.

Growing up, you start wanting to be like other people or have jobs based on the simple aspects of it. You chose things because of the innocent love of helping people, fighting bad guys, playing with animals all day, or maybe even being like your favorite teacher. All of those dreams start to form when you're a child and you begin to imagine a life. What we don't see and don't know is that all of these paths in life come with struggles and hardships. They come with a certain amount of knowledge you need to have and challenges to even get there.

We often take movies and start to set expectations based off unrealistic standards. It isn't until we continue to grow up that reality unfolds. Whether you take a class and realize a career isn't for you, whether you get your heart broken, or even take a few steps back in life. Sooner or later you find yourself living your reality and noticing what has continued from your childhood dreams, and the dreams that evolve from it. Some people fulfill their childhood dreams and others stray away down a better path they never thought of.



Always remember this: what is meant to be, will be! It is so important to look back at your childhood dreams and look at where you are now to understand how everything has worked out for a reason. There is purpose in everyone's life. Some may not see it because they can be blinded by what THEY want, but it isn't until we realize what life has brought us that we see WHY we went through things we did.


Just because something doesn't happen WHEN you want it to happen, doesn't mean that it WON'T happen. It may take you two years to find your foot in the door, but when you do- you will understand why nothing else worked out before. You might start a family sooner that you planned- but there's purpose in the life you created and you might realize you needed them in order to grow. Sometimes, love finds us way later than we planned- but it makes you realize why no one else has worked out. Trust in the timing of your life.


One of the biggest expectations we set is with love. We watch romantic comedies and think that the right guy will sweep us off our feet like a cheesy hallmark movie. Let love find you in unexpected places and remember that it doesn't always look like the movies. No relationship was perfect from the start and no love story didn't require hard work.


Even when it seems like our dreams have gotten lost, you have to remember the road is not always a straight, smooth path. You have to remember your end destination and still work to make your younger self proud. You have to persevere through the hills and the mountains to reach the top and enjoy the view.


Not every moment will be good, but your journey is meant for you. Enjoy the life you are living and discover what you love and don't love. Maybe it is what you always imagined and maybe it is the polar opposite. Wherever your road takes you, enjoy the good and the bad. Enjoy all the lessons learned and all of the people who came through your journey. Don't wish anything less of the path you are on, just continue to grow from it and realize you can't go backwards and restart.

What is your biggest reality shock?

Mine was definitely a mix of things. The life I dreamt of as a kid, took many turns as I grew. I went from wanting to be a vet and saving animals, to wanting to work in the music industry with touring bands, to the current destination of working in advertising at a media agency. I am not at all where I pictured, but I can say my younger self would still be proud.

Expectation: I thought I would have a bf in HS (and marry him LOL).

Reality: I got into my first serious relationship- AFTER college.

Expectation: I thought I would live in FL and stay by the ocean.

Reality: I moved back home after I graduated college for family and realized this is where I was supposed to be.

Expectation: I jumped at the first full time position I was offered, settling for a low salary and a job I never thought of.

Reality: I moved up to a higher position within 9 months and got to be apart of advertising for a brand like CHANEL.

Expectation: I thought I would live on my own by the time I was 22.

Reality: I moved back home at 21 and stayed there until I was 24.

These are just a few of my reality shocks, but they all happened for reasons. They all added to my life in a way I never expected. Your reality doesn't have to be bad because it is different. You just have to be open to the direction life will take you.

Until Next Time,

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