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When Your Sister Is Your Bestfriend

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

This post is for all the lovely people out there who have wonderful sisters like I do.

Sister, best friend, partner in crime, matchmaker, psychologist, doctor, personal chef, workout buddy, deep dark secret keeper, the list goes ON! Now some people don't get along with their sisters or siblings as well as others but for me, my sisters are my BEST FRIENDS! I couldn't imagine what it would have been like to grow up without them. Don't get me wrong our relationships weren't always perfect, they still aren't. As we grow older, we grow closer. As we experience life, we experience it together no matter how close or far we are. I can call my sister crying and know even if she doesn't have the words that I "want" to hear, she will be honest and make me feel better.

If your sister is your best friend, here are a few things you can probably relate to:

You pretty much have one giant closet of clothes

If you don't steal each others clothes, are you actually sisters? I can't count the amount of times, I will get a snapchat and finally find that shirt that vanished months ago. It just magically appears on your sister, she doesn't know where it came from. BUT at the end of the day you appreciate the giant wardrobe selection when nothing of yours will do.

You do everything together

Late night food run, random drives, movie days, mall trips, the list can go on. Anything you do, your sister is a permanent adventure buddy. She will always be down to go somewhere with you so you don't go alone. Definitely something we take for granted.

She's the first person you tell when something happens

Good or bad, embarrassing and awkward, anything that happens your sister knows first. She will laugh at you and not feel bad about it. From the stupidest incidents like tripping up the stairs in front of a cute guy, to something serious like dumb boys breaking your heart. Your sister is always there for you!

You always have a gym buddy

Don't feel like going to the gym by yourself? That's ok, drag your sister. You can probably guilt her by knowing how much junk food she ate that day.

When you make food, it's always for two

After so long of making yourself food and hearing "did you make extra?" or "you made me some right?" now it's just natural instinct to cook for ATLEAST two.

Best wing woman ever

Leave it to your sister to play matchmaker.

Getting their opinion on the hot guy you saw *Creeper pics are a must*

Because when you see a hot guy you have to share it with your sister so she can understand why you're all of a sudden in love.

She'll be brutally honest with you

You can count on the fact your sister will not hesitate to let you know the truth. Whether your life is a crazy, dysfunctional mess or you aren't being yourself. She'll call you out and have no problem with it.

They know your deepest darkest secret

Not sure if this is good or bad. You put a world of trust in their hands and pray that your sisterhood bond is stronger than anything else, even mom.

You can count on her having the ugliest, worst pictures of you imaginable

Anyone else get scared around your birthday, or national sibling day. You never know what's gonna pop up. I know I have a collection of terribly beautiful snapchats and selfies of my sisters on my phone. Ugly faces, up close selfies, passed out in a deep sleep.

You can guarantee they will stop you from ruining your life

Sometimes we think our decisions are great and that we should say certain things that will definitely cross a line. That's when your sister steps in and doesn't let you make a fool of yourself. We have to appreciate the sisters for this one specifically.

You can bug them as much as you want and they still love you

If they were anyone else they would probably cut you off, stop talking to you, or pretend they don't know you. Your sister is one of few people you can annoy, act a complete fool in front of and they will still love you.

Sister Telepathy

No it's not just a twin thing. From finishing each others sentences, saying the same thing at the same time, and knowing what they're gonna say without saying it out loud. My sisters and I can look at each other and just know.

These are some of my favorite parts of having a sister as a best friend. Even though my sisters and I have all come and gone through college, etc. Distance is but a number of miles, our relationships are forever in our hearts and that will never change. We don't pick our family but I was definitely blessed with amazing sisters. If I had the choice, I wouldn't want anyone else by my side through life. I hope if you have a sister, you realize how much we take them for granted and show them some love.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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