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Your Best Love Advice

If you read my last post, I let you in on a few things that I've learned from love. Love can be hard but that is what makes it so special and so worth it. After writing about how I felt and what my experiences taught me, I figured I'd ask around for the best love advice and see what other people had to say.

Here are 10 tips for all of you in love!

Try to view things from your partner's perspective

I think this is so important to understand. It is hard to agree on everything in life but if you can try to see your partner's side of things it will definitely help. It does not mean you have to change what you think, that's the best part. It's about understanding each other and what you are saying with out needing to be right all the time. It's taking time to see why you disagree or see why your partner thinks/does what they do.

Your girlfriend or wife is always right

Well, I'm not sure when this all started but I'd like to think it's become a common piece of advice that your lady is always right. Even when she is wrong - she is right.

Don't compare your relationship to others

This has become such a growing problem in our society. We don't only compare our own lives to others based on what we see, but we compare our relationships. You might see a couple who travels all the time - or by Insta looks picture perfect but truth is, nothing is ever what it seems. The couple you call your goals might fight every day and be on the verge of splitting up. The things you see other couples do, starts to set expectations and makes you wonder why your partner doesn't do certain things.

LOVE your relationship as it is. Sometimes you don't have enough money to travel all the time, you don't always have the opportunity to do certain things, and sometimes you don't always think about capturing every picture perfect moment. Just because you don't have a scrap book on Instagram (that is often 9/10 times staged) does not mean you don't have those moments. In fact it probably means you have those moments and were present the whole time without distractions. LOVE the little things that makes your relationship yours and don't look to others in hopes that your love is better.

Love looks different every time

Love is not the same with every person and love is not the same with other couples. Love looks different through your eyes than someone else's. You have to remember that only you can see what is between you and your significant other. Only you can determine if for you, what you have is love. No one else can decide that for you and no one else can tell you how you should love.

Never stop with the romantic stuff, it never gets old. The little things add up.

I believe that this is how you keep love alive. It is about having date nights, buying your lady flowers, surprising your significant other with the little thing that they love, doing something to make your partners day easier and most importantly it is about showing them that you are thinking of them. Romance never gets old. Even if it is a cheesy love letter or a pair of fuzzy socks - you know what your partner loves and what makes them happy. Maybe it is cooking and preparing a candlelit dinner by the time they get home from work. Often we forget that the things that cost the least are usually the most valued.

Make each other laugh every day

I LOVE THIS ONE! I believe that if you can make each other laugh every day, that is a key to a long lasting love. You need to be with someone that can laugh with you and enjoy the time together. It is about the moments where you both can't stop laughing at something you said or did or saw. It is about being able to be mad at each other, and turn around with smiles and make a joke. Laughter is something that even outside of love is a necessity.

know and live out each other's love languages

I think that this is often forgotten. We tend to forget that everyone loves differently and everyone handles situations different. You have to understand how your partner communicates and how they love. Not only will you be able to see how your partner loves you, but you can love them in ways that they need to be loved. I think it is important to remember that people need to be loved in certain ways to actually feel loved and know that you care.

be with someone who grows you as a person and vice versa

You need to be with someone in life who challenges you! Life can be draining and having a partner in life to push you and keep you motivated to do better and be better is a necessity for success. BUT, it goes both ways. You need to find someone who helps you grow and also someone that you can help grow and challenge.

Support each other through everything

One of the best things about having someone who loves you, is having someone who is there for you through everything. You need someone who wants to be there in the good AND the bad times. Life is never easy and it isn't always pretty. Finding someone who is your number one fan and best friend is necessary. You should want the best for each other and push each other to achieve that.

communication is key

The most well known piece of advice you can get and the hardest. Communication is not everyones strong suit and it is also something that can tear your relationship apart. You need to be able to tell each other whats wrong or if something is bothering you. You need to be able to get over wanting to give your partner the silent treatment and let them know that something they did upset you. If you can't find someone who you can talk to about anything, it is going to be very difficult.

This one is something that takes time, especially if you are a person with walls built up and you hold everything in. You have to learn to let it down and let them in. When you are used to holding back and just getting over it - you will come to find that it will bug you and come back a month later and upset you all over again.


To end this post, I just wanted to let you in on one of the best pieces of advice I have seen about love.

IT IS NOT ALWAYS 50/50- Being in love is a balance. Some days your partner may only be able to give 20% and you have to make up for that 80%. Some days you may not be able to give as much either. You have to remember that not everything is supposed to be half and half. We give and take in a relationship and no one can have a good day everyday. You have to be there for them on those days that they can't meet you in the middle, those days that they need you.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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