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Your College Town Will Always Be Home

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Going to college you never know what to expect. Leaving college is ten times worse.

You create a million memories, favorite places, you step out of your comfort zone and start a new chapter of life. You develop a love for that city, you know the streets like the back of your hand, and you become a familiar face to local business'. Four yearsis a long time to spend in one place. It is a beautiful time in life where you create independence and learn to live alone.

Your college town is more important than you know. It holds lessons we learned that changed us. When you leave this place, it isn't a home away from home - it is HOME. You'll always have a love for your city because of everything that has happened there. The streets hold memories, reminders of a time in your life that has passed, a beauty that only you can understand. You get to watch yourself grow over the time spent there. You leave a different person.

You find yourself in this city. You make mistakes, you watch your friends make mistakes, you hold some of your darkest secrets and dumbest decisions in this city. You fall in love, you get your heartbroken, some people meet their soul mates and future spouses in this place.

For some people, they do stay. They fall so in love and find opportunities to keep them in this town. They put their roots down and continue their growth into a new place in life.

I recently went back to visit for the first time after officially moving out of my college town.

The joy you get as you enter the city and know where you are is indescribable. All the memories flash back, the good and bad times. It brings a joy to your heart. For those of us who still have friends there, the excitement of being reunited is crazy. Distance is a true test of friendship and coming back to see those friends you haven't lost contact with is heartwarming. Your college town will always remain a special part of who you are.

Until Next Time,

Your Sunflower

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